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Aglianico In Anfora 'Clown Oenologue' Cantina Giardino 2019

Aglianico In Anfora 'Clown Oenologue' Cantina Giardino 2019

Cantina Giardino

The Aglianico "Clown Oeneologue" is a great example of a real wine, vinified with maceration for nearly 12 months in earthenware jars. It comes from 75-90 year old vines and gives us an important aromatic range where currant juice alternates with rhubarb toward a slightly peaty finish. Fleshy and powerful, with great structure, savory and evolved tannins: an amazing Aglianico!




Campania IGT


Aglianico 100%


Alcohol content

14.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Fermentation and maceration for 28/29 days in 200 litre terracotta amphorae with only indigenous yeasts, no sulphur dioxide added


12 months in amphorae

Filosofia produttiva

No added sulfites or minimum, Amphora Wine, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Cantina Giardino's "Clown Oenologue" is an extreme and out-of-the-box wine, a vital and uncompromising expression of Aglianico. In the heart of an area as extremely vocated for viticulture as Irpinia, a project arises from friendship and passion. Cantina Giardino is the story of six friends who, availing themselves of the advice of an extraordinary oenologist, such as Antonio Di Gruttola, decide to guard the few remaining uncontaminated Irpinia vineyards, preserving naturalness and life. 7 hectares divided between Fiano, Aglianico and Greco that give life to dissonant but excellent wines, authentic expressions of territory. A must try, at least once.

The red Clown Oenologue comes from pure Aglianico grapes, selected from the oldest vines having an age of about 90-100 years. This is an expression that knows no compromise, even in the winemaking process, so an approach in the vineyard that does not involve the use of chemicals or synthesis corresponds to manual harvesting and fermentation that occurs only through the intervention of indigenous yeasts. Very long maceration, of 28/29 days on the skins, which takes place in terracotta amphorae without the grapes being destemmed. No clarification or filtration, and the addition of sulfur dioxide is non-existent or a few milligrams. Unfiltered.

The Clown Oenologue wine presents itself in the glass with an impenetrable ruby red colour, also due to the absence of filtration. A disorienting and absolutely unusual nose, it explodes vividly of earth, leather, and plums and is constantly recoiled by a perceptible volatile sensation reminiscent of enamel. Histrionic and never tame, tasting the liquid reveals all its character, driven by irrepressible freshness and roaring, sculpted tannins. Long persistence, it is a sensational wine, but not for everyone. To be understood, in no hurry.


Ruby red with purple reflections


Pulpy and powerful, full-bodied, tannins evolved and matured, accompanied by a nice freshness


Large and complex with aromas carried by a veiled volatile, notes of blackcurrant juice, rhubarb and moist peat