A master of wines produced in amphoraes: one of the best Italian winemaker

Josko Gravner is one of the protagonists of Italian wine history. Josko perfectly represents a radical change in the way to think about wine in Friuli and in the world. Farmer on the Collio hill he began making wine at the age of 16, initially in steel and shortly after in barrique. But, after about 10 years of barrels, eh decided to experiment a new technique: the fermentation of the grapes in earthenware amphorae from the Caucasus, from which it derives the name of its wines. Today Josko has also phased out all the vines he considered “outsider”, to get to grow in the vineyards of Oslavia and Hum (in Slovenia) only two historical native varieties: Ribolla Gialla and Pignolo Rosso. For more than 25 years do not use synthetic chemicals in his vineyards, which works exclusively by hand, with care and a passion unmatched, which finds its roots in the deep sensitivity and respect for the ecosystem. He has a way of making wine certainly in contrast to the fashions of the past and of the moment, but his choices have always been impeccable; work the grapes in earthenware jars, long maceration, wine market seven years after the harvest: all this, combined with his incredible passion for the terroir of Friuli, has created labels that walk head-on into the Olympus of great organic and biodynamic wines. Josko is a pioneer of this style, a master, who ranks among the best winemakers in our country.


Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Owned grapes
Year production
38.000 bt
Francesco Josko Gravner
Località Lenzuolo Bianco 9 Frazione Oslavia, 34070 - Gorizia (GO)
The wines by Gravner winery