Lunae Bosoni

Wines with all the charm of an area once dedicated to the Moon goddess

The Lunae Bosoni winery is located right on the edge of the Liguria region on the border with Tuscany, in the lush Lunigiana area. A beautiful land, flourishing and rich in landscapes since ancient times, to the point that the Barbarian invaders thought it was the great city of Rome. A history that also has ancient roots as far as viticulture is concerned, because Liguria and especially these fertile lands were identified by the Etruscans as one of the most suitable places for growing grapes.

Lunae was an ancient Etruscan-Greek port, named in honour of the ancient goddess of the moon, Selene. Bosoni, on the other hand, is the name of the family that has been producing wine for five generations under the Cantine Lunae name. They carry on the long winemaking tradition of these places, based on the principles of ancient practices, the valorisation of local and forgotten vines, and respect for the cycles of nature. Quality and passion have always been the cornerstones of the production that have established the Cantine Lunae Bosoni as a reference point in the Ligurian wine scene.

Lunae Bosoni sums up its philosophy in three key words: Understand, Cultivate and Harvest. This entails understanding the history and the land, cultivating the grapes and harvesting from tradition the keys to understanding the future. Among the rows of vines, located between the plains and the hills, and subdivided into small plots of 2-3 hectares, we find interesting and unobtainable varieties, such as Pollera Nera, Massaretta, Vermentino Nero and Albarola, alongside the undisputed star of the area, Vermentino. The Ca' Lunae, the former winery building where the wines mature and the great bottles are stored, is also interesting, as well as a Museum that traces the history of the estate's success.

The wines of the Lunae range are influenced by the freshness of the Alps and the sapidity of the Ligurian Sea. They are characterised by a common feature of elegance and drinkability, which makes them easy to pair with different dishes, especially local ones, such as fish, pasta with pesto, focaccia, farinata or rabbit.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
550.000 bt
Lunae Bosoni, Via Palvotrisia, 2 - 19030 Colombiera-molicciara (SP)

"Winery of the 2020 with what is known as the Oscar of the Gran Vinitaly wine".


5 Stars - the Book 2021

The wines of Lunae Bosoni