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The family who invented the Barolo Chinato: an important wine of the Langhe
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1870
Vineyard hectares 4
Annual production 20.000 bt
Address Via Alba, 13 - Frazione Bruni, Serralunga d'Alba (CN)

The history of the Cappellano winery began in 1870, when the notary Filippo Cappellano, a wealthy landowner from Albese, founded the winery by amalgamating a 60-hectare estate planted with vines. When he died, he was succeeded first by his son Giovanni, an oenologist, and then by Giuseppe, a pharmacist: the former, endowed with great competence and entrepreneurial spirit, restructured the winery and became a promoter of innovative projects, aimed at enhancing the territory and the products of the Langhe; the latter invented first grape jellies and then Barolo Chinato, which remains to this day a monument of Italian oenology.

The Cappellano family's Barolo Chinato was created using a recipe that has remained highly secret: spices are added to Barolo in expert doses, which even today make this wine inimitable. After Giuseppe's death in 1955, the large family heritage was fragmented and dispersed. It was not until the late 1960s that Theobaldo Cappellano, born and raised in Eritrea, returned to Serralunga and decided with courage and considerable sacrifice to regain possession of the Cappellano brand and rebuild the winery, being able to rely on only 5 hectares of vineyards. An anarchist, dreamer and nonconformist, Teobaldo managed with great sacrifices to rebuild the Cappellano name, focusing on small productions and very high quality. Today his son Augusto, the fifth generation of the family, continues this glorious tradition, with passion, expertise and respect for the family tradition and territory.

The flagship of the Cappellano winery is always the Barolo Chinato, which bewitches and conquers anyone who tastes it, but the production can also count on a small production of typical local wines (Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto). Following family traditions, Augusto does not use herbicides and chemical products, choosing the path of organic farming, respecting nature and the territory. The wines of the Cappellano winery are not in the guides for a precise choice of Augusto, who does not provide tastings to critics, but lets the quality and incredible personality of his bottles do the talking.