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Callmewine, Your Personal Sommelier

The idea behind Callmewine originates from our passion for wine and the world behind it: a world made of earth, sweat, and poetry, a world of beautiful stories, dynasties, and traditions, a wonderful world, to be discovered and tasted.

We proudly believe that Italian wine is one of the best in the world. And we like to think that Callmewine can help spread our wine for what it is: just plain wonderful. 

We created Callmewine to be Your Personal Sommelier: to be innovative, intuitive, exciting, and to help you discover new wines and their perfect food pairing. Callmewine will win your trust with its selections: here, you will easily find your new favourite wines, the bottle for the perfect gift, and the ones to enjoy every day. We love handcrafted wines, produced in full respect of nature and traditions; authentic wines, sometimes ill-tempered and difficult to interpret, but still able to tell stories and excite your emotions.


We tried to create something completely different by changing the way wine is offered. Thus Callmewine was intended to be a website in which both wine experts and wine amateurs can find what they love: from the most famous Italian wines to lesser-known ones. 



Wines with great personality: not only famous wines from great producers but also unknown wines from small producers with an exceptional price/quality ratio, always guaranteeing some kind of emotion.

Real wines: we love wine and those who produce it in the right way, made as “real” wines should be made, only with genuine methods in vineyards and cellars, and without shortcuts that often translate into standard, boring wines: all either mildly good or mildly bad, and very similar to each other.

Territorial wines: we love discovering wines produced where they are supposed to be produced: Prosecco in Veneto, Carignano in Sardinia, Falanghina in Campania, and Nero d'Avola in Sicily.

Wines to discover: we love discovering grape varieties that have been almost forgotten, supporting actors, like Ruché, Vitovska, Timorasso, and Centesimino. The ones that have always been considered less important, mostly forgotten by the majority of the public but capable of offering surprising wines with a great personality.

Reliable wines: we love choosing wines that we would proudly suggest to our best friend.

Wines we like to drink: we love tasting the wines in our cellar continuously and then again over time to understand their evolution. We love tasting numerous wines to choose only the ones we like the most. But most of all… we love drinking them!




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