An example of authentic and sustainable Sicilian wine that focuses its attention on precious territories and unique vineyards

The Donnafugata winery is a famous and important name in the world of Italian wine, and the symbol of a modern and international Sicily. Although it is firmly tied to its traditions and history, it is also well aware of its own appeal and intends to spread it throughout the world. It was established through the initiative of a family that, with passion, has managed to renew the style and perception of Sicilian wine in the world. Giacomo Rallo, the fourth generation of a family with more than 160 years of experience in quality wine, founded Donnafugata in 1983 together with his wife Gabriella, a pioneer of winemaking in Sicily. Today, his sons José and Antonio run the company and a team of people dedicated to excellence. The name refers to Tomasi di Lampedusa's novel The Leopard. The name translates as "woman on the run" and refers to the story of a queen who found refuge in the part of Sicily where the company's vineyards are now located. This story inspired the company's logo, which features a woman's head with her hair blowing in the wind on every bottle.

Today Donnafugata is a world-renowned brand, synonymous with territorial charm and Sicilian wine excellence. The company boasts a historic winery and four estates. In western Sicily, in the town of Contessa Entellina, where Donnafugata was born, there is a vinification cellar and 285 hectares of vineyards. On Pantelleria, the volcanic island of sun and wind, the Khamma district winery has 68 hectares of Zibibbo vines cultivated using the Pantelleria alberello system (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). In eastern Sicily, on the northern slope of Mount Etna, which is Europe's highest active volcano, is where the winery and 21 hectares of vineyards are located, while in Vittoria, in the Baroque lands, the winery is surrounded by 36 hectares of vineyards. Marsala, finally, is home to the historic winery, where Donnafugata wines are aged in steel, cement and in the fascinating underground barrique cellar. This innovative production facility successfully combines history and modernity.

Donnafugata is committed to the production of fine wines from unique territories, which are made all the more fascinating by the beautiful designer labels featuring a fantastical and feminine language. Most of these labels were designed by the illustrator Stefano Vitale and express all the colours and spirit of Sicily. The passion for the work and attention to detail are two important cornerstones throughout the production process while sustainability is a key asset of Donnafugata with more than 30 years of good practice. There are numerous areas of intervention including the vineyard, the Carbon and Water Footprint, biodiversity, the enhancement of native varieties, energy saving, clean energy, landscape and sustainable architecture. Names such as Ben Ryé, Mille e una Notte, Chiarandà, Tancredi and many others have become synonymous with prestige and excellence, both in Italy and worldwide. Donnafugata wines express the charm of the Sicilian land and passionately describe its sensory universe. Each bottle conveys the incredible beauty of an island that is rich in natural gems and variety, allowing us to discover the most authentic and noble side of Sicily, and providing excitement and emotion in every glass.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
2.800.000 bt
Antonio Rallo
Donnafugata Cantine Storiche, Via Sebastiano Lipari, 18 - 91025 Marsala (TP)

"Passion, elegance and sobriety of style combined with great communication skills. In short, Donnafugata".


- Slowine Guide 2014

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'Lumera' Donnafugata 2021
'Lumera' Donnafugata 2021
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