Passion, charme and magic of wine: the noble tradition of Sicily in the vineyards of the Prince of Salina

The name Donnafugata refers to flee from Naples of Queen Maria Carolina, wife of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, ran away from the city because of the arrival of Napoleon's army. Maria Carolina took refuge in Sicily, in the area where today are situated the vineyards of Donnafugata. To call this area in that way was a person of great literary caliber: Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, in his great novel "Il Gattopardo". The Donnafugata winery has therefore an important story behind and just fits in the tradition of producing wines of great quality, excellence of the Sicilian viticulture. The winery was founded in the eighties, when Giacomo Rallo decided to leave the family traditions and to devote himself to his passion: wine. His insight, thanks to the support of his wife Gabriella Anca, has proven successful. Today Donnafugata vineyards are located in different Sicily areas: the Contessa Entellina estate in the western part of the region, the vineyards in Pantelleria and the old cellars in Marsala. What unites the bottles of Donnafugata is the largest qualitative research that respects and enhances the great tradition of wine of Sicily. Names like Ben Rye, Mille e una Notte or Chiarandà have become protagonists in Italy and around the world, confirming the preciousness and elegance of this wines. Savor a bottle of Donnafugata will then take you to discover the most authentic Sicily.


Main Wines
Nero d'Avola, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Inzolia, Chardonnay, Passito di Pantelleria, Moscato
Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Uve di proprietà
Year production
2.240.000 bt
Antonio Rallo, Stefano Valla, Carlo Ferrini
Via Sebastiano Lipari 18, 91025 - Marsala (TP)
The wines by Donnafugata winery
Tancredi Donnafugata 2016
Tancredi Donnafugata 2016
22.90 € 25.00 €
'La Bella Sedara' Donnafugata 2016
'La Bella Sedara' Donnafugata 2016
8.50 € 9.80 €
Out of stock
'Lumera' Donnafugata 2018
'Lumera' Donnafugata 2018
9.50 € 10.50 €
Out of stock
Chardonnay 'Chiarandà' Donnafugata 2016
Chardonnay 'Chiarandà' Donnafugata 2016
24.60 € 25.90 €
Out of stock