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Selosse Jacques

A unique and expressive style, a great name in Champagne
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Vineyard hectares 7
Address 59, rue de Cramant - 51190 Avize

The name of Jacques Selosse, today, is the absolute excellence in Champagne. Jacques Selosse and his son Anselme started to vinify their grapes in 1974, when the world of Champagne was dominated by a few large Maison. The formation of Anselme passes for Beaune, from the Lycée Vinicole: this step will surely be reflected then in some wine choices, more evident after 1980, when he and his wife Corinne succeeded his father at the helm of the winery. The winery owns 7 hectares, most of which are of Chardonnay Grand Cru in the municipalities of Avize, Cramant and Oger, a vineyard of Pinot Noir Grand Cru in Ay and one in Ambonnay. In this context Anselme works his vines in a completely natural way: every two years inserts deep into the soil an organic compound for enhancing the value of terroir, working the land manually in order to make it light and porous to allow a better transition of water, no use of chemical treatments and no addition of selected yeasts in the cellar. All this because, as he says, his role "is not to standardize the taste, but to tell the story of the vineyards, respecting the vocation of the land and of the wine. For this reason, I don’t use selected yeasts during fermentation, but I prefer the pure fructose grape for the dosage at the time of disgorgement". These peculiarities ensure a taste that enhances the characteristics of the parcel of land on which the grapes were cultivated and ensure the birth of bottles absolutely unique and amazing.

The Champagne by Jacques Selosse