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Abbazia San Giorgio

Wines that portray the magical energy and Mediterranean aromas of Pantelleria
Region Sicilia (Italia)
Foundation Year 2016
Vineyard hectares 3.5
Address Via Roma, 23 - 91017 Pantelleria

The Abbazia San Giorgio winery is a very small and young producer on the island of Pantelleria. It was established in 2016 by two friends, Battista Belvisi and Beppe Fontana, who were determined to shape and develop their idea of a typical wine from Pantelleria: an expression of intense character and identity, reflecting the sensitivity of its creator and, at the same time, representing the territory of origin.
The vineyards, divided into several sections, extend over 3.5 hectares in Khamma, one of the island's greenest districts on the eastern side and are characterised by terraces overlooking the sea. The vines stand 300 metres above sea level on volcanic soil and reach an average age of 60 years. Two-thirds are planted with Zibibbo grapes, while the remainder is cultivated with Pignatello, commonly known as Perricone and locally as Nostrale, Carignano and Nerello Mascalese. The vines are grown using the typical Pantelleria alberello system, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, in a circular hole dug into the ground and up to 50 cm deep. This allows the vines to draw the necessary nutrients and water from the deeper layers and to protect themselves from the relentless wind that blows across the island.

Abbazia San Giorgio has decided to focus on organic production, resorting also to the use of biodynamic techniques. No chemical products are used to protect the vines from weeds and parasites. No fertilisers of any kind are used, and the only procedure adopted is the burying of wild grass at the end of the winter season. In the cellar, the same production philosophy is followed, reducing human intervention to a minimum: fermentation is triggered by the use of only indigenous yeasts and no additives, not even sulphur dioxide, are added during the various stages of processing. In addition, no invasive processes such as clarification and filtration are carried out at the bottling stage, leading to the possible presence of natural residues.

The products of Abbazia San Giorgio are based on a traditional and artisanal approach to wine. They are seen as creatures that communicate with the world around them, without being affected by it, and that evolve in the glass, offering emotional experiences even days later. The wines of Abbazia San Giorgio are savoury and fresh expressions of Pantelleria's terroir, providing a journey through the warm dry wind, and the citrus and caper scents of the Sicilian island.

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