Cà dei Frati

A reference point of Lago di garda: modern and expressive wines that embodies the magic of this land

Ca' dei Frati winery is one of the main winery in the Lake of Garda area, a reality that since 1939 produces wines of excellent quality and that has managed to collect over the years really important awards. Ca' dei Frati born from the passion of Dal Cero family, a family that has been able to combine the best expertise and love for their land; the company name, however, derives from the fact that it stands in what was once a property of the Bishop. Is then Pietro Del Cero bottling in 1969 for the first time the Lugana, one of the most popular varieties in the Garda area, and that the company still uses to produce bottles truly unique: from a fine white wine with great elegance, to the sparkling version, from an excellent sweet wine, to refined "Pratto", in which the Lugana will add flavor and elegance of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Ca' dei Frati is not limited to the production of important white wines, but it gives us bottles of absolute respect even in the category of red. It is a good example the "Ronchedone" bottle that knows how to combine the uniqueness of Marzemino to the structure of the Sangiovese, with a small proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon to complete a crossing of perfumes and unique characters. Ca' dei Frati has been able to carve out such a starring role and extend its name from Lake Garda in different parts of the world. The perfect balance between a long tradition and a constant ambition to improve has allowed this winery to grow year after year, without ever losing the close ties with the territory that has characterized it since the early decades of the twentieth century.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Winery-owned grapes
Annual production
2.500.000 bt
Igino Dal Cero
Azienda Agricola Ca' Dei Frati, Via Frati, 22 - 25019 Sirmione (BS)
The wines by Ca' dei Frati winery