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When a women changed the taste of the french sparklings
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Foundation Year 1856
Vineyard hectares 55
Annual production 5.000.000 bt
Address 5, Place du Général Gouraud - 51689 Reims (Francia)
Oenologist Thierry Gasco

Pommery is the celebrated winery that produces one of the World's best-known Champagnes. Who has never happened to catch a glimpse of a bottle of it among the shelves of wine shops or flipping through the pages of the wine list of an upscale restaurant? Who does not know the simple yet iconic label on which the name of this historic winery stands out in large letters? Who would not want to raise a tulip-shaped goblet of it for a special occasion toast? Yet few people know the history of the Reims winery. 150 km from Paris, during the second half of the 1800s, wealthy wool merchant Alexandre Louis Pommery and Narcise Greno founded the maison. Sadly, just two years later, Louis dies, handing over his share of the company to his wife, and she will be the protagonist in the history of this champagne for the rest of its existence.

Pommery Champagnes, in fact, are in effect the brainchild of the widow Louise. Deeply passionate about British culture and stimulated by dry English taste, she imposed on her chef de cave to reduce the amount of sugar in the demi-sec, a ploy used at the time to make abboccato and mask the defects of champagne that was consumed purely as a dessert wine. It proved to be a brilliant insight and marked a momentous turning point in the history of French bubbly, changing not only its taste but also its gastronomic approach. The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot and Pinot Meunier grapes were sold later than their competitors were, so as to raise the sugar level and avoid any addition later. Thus the very first Brut Champagne was produced and put on the market.

Pommery still rewards Madame Louise's entrepreneurial daring by dedicating to her the wonderful Brut line. The extraordinary care of the terroir, the careful selection of the grapes , the painstaking work in the cellar, the patience and control of the various stages of aging are the guarantee of quality that this winery places inside its bottles. Labels with a unique history, a true experience to be enjoyed by those who can taste these wonderful bubbles.