Jacopo Poli

An important page in the history of distilling in the heart of Veneto

In Poli Distillery you can feel a particular atmosphere, the one that is typically Italian, full of love for their own roots and for the quality of their products. Venetian for certification since the 15th century, Poli generations have always improved their different artisal works. In the 19th century, their grappa production has been promoted from a domestic one to a more structured one and the distillery has become one of the best known and appreciated, certainly a symbol of Italian grappa. The skills of masters and the pure dedication to their work emerge looking at their production techniques: over time the descendants have improved and multiplied their technology, adding important chapters to the distillation history. Among the valuable chosen raw materials there are Gewürztraminer, Merlot, Moscato grapes that are distilled with flowing steam still, traditional bain-marie still and vacuum bain-marie still, depending on the specific style and quality they want to immortalize... bright Poli grappas have enclosed the excellent soul of terroir and culture, whose home is in Bel Paese.

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Poli Distillerie, Via G. Marconi, 46 - 36060 Schiavon (VI)
The Grappa by Jacopo Poli Distillery