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Alessandra Divella

A women winemaker, two hectares and six labels: artisanal sparkling wine according to Alessandra
Region Lombardia (Italia)
Foundation Year 2005
Vineyard hectares 2
Annual production 7.000 bt
Address Via S. Rocco 35 - 25064, Gussago (BS)


Divella is a small estate in the Franciacorta area that produces Metodo Classico sparkling wines with great personality and character. Alessandra Divella is a young and ambitious first generation winemaker who at less than 30 years has taken in hand 2 hectares of vineyards with the aim of creating authentic wines and crafts, fruit of spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts and long aging in cement and tonneau. The labels currently on the market have the constant production of being all Pas Dosè, that is, without the addition of liqueur d'expedition, and are presented in their absolute frankness, without needing any makeup and retouching before leaving the cellar that has patiently rocked them for a long time.

The Divella winery is located in Gussago, on the eastern borders of the Franciacorta area, where the morphology of the land is of ancient origin with a mixed composition of limestone, fossils and clay and where the high temperature ranges between day and night, typical of the hilly area, determine a perfect concentration of aromatic substances in the skin. Divella bubbles are representative of the territory from which they come, they are fresh, mineral and rich in juice. The varieties are the traditional ones of the Franciacorta area, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, processed in the cellar with spontaneous microvinification activated with only indigenous yeasts in order to preserve the typical aromatic quality of the type. The philosophy of not artificially changing the natural profile of the grape is also found in the choice of fermenting and aging the base wines in cement vats and wooden barrels used, simple containers and not exalters of aroma. The aging on the lees extends over a period of time ranging from 2 to 5 years, according to the peculiarities of the vintage and the grape.

The bubbles of Divella Gussago speak the same language of the winemaker who produced them; they have a fine and enveloping perlage, are straightforward and not ruffian, have a sharp entrance in the mouth and leave a juicy and long memory on the palate. They do not need added sugar and too much sulfur, they prefer to appear for what they really are: elegant and of great personality, multifaceted and infinitely enjoyable.