From the beautiful wine-growing villages of South Tyrol: territorial wines with respect for nature and tradition

The Girlan winery is located in Cornaiano, formerly known as Girlan, a village that has been famous for its wines since the Middle Ages, on the Monte di Mezzo, not far from Bolzano and Lake Caldaro. The winery was founded in 1923 by 23 partners, and today, after years of unconditional love for this area, the number of members has grown to 200 and the number of hectares under cultivation to 215. It is a success story with a long tradition, which has grown from a small business founded by a few members into a large winery, acquiring year after year the best plots of land in the Oltradige and Bassa Altesina, thus becoming a point of reference for the entire area. An ambitious and important project that aims to reach great heights and, as it has shown in the past, has all the credentials to become a symbol of the Italian wine world. The winery retraces its origins in a modern key with an eye on the future; in short, Girlan is the glory of the past, the success of the present and the certainty of the future.

The vineyards of the Girlan winery are located on gentle, breezy slopes, immersed in the tranquillity of the Dolomites and kissed by a timid sun that allows the grapes to ripen slowly. The vines grow at altitudes ranging from 450 to 500 metres between San Michele and the Adige Valley. The soils are particularly suited to grape cultivation, not only because of the presence of marl and clay, but above all because of the climate, which is characterised by significant daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations. Gschleier, Plattenriegl, Montiggl and Mazzon are the names of the wine-growing villages where the most important vineyards of the winery are located, those that offer the best grapes for the production of territorial and very typical wines, the result of a very suitable terrain.

The philosophy can be summed up in a few words, the same words used by the winery to promote its wines: "producing wine is like taking a journey from the past to the future, always respecting the natural environment in which we live, with its rules and traditions". Girlan's labels are in fact faithful expressions of the South Tyrolean terroir: wines that are rich in personality, balanced, full of aromas and fragrances and free to express themselves, without any kind of constraint. This is the only way to give unique and indescribable emotions that reveal a territory, a history and a passion for wine behind every sip.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
1.000.000 bt
Gerhad Kofler
Cantina Girlan, Via San Martino, 24 - 39057 Cornaiano (BZ)

"The winery's offering, which becomes more convincing every year, boasts labels with a classic taste and great mineral personality, without any unnecessary ornamentation".


- Bibenda Guide 2015

Girlan's wines
Gewurztraminer Girlan 2021
Gewurztraminer Girlan 2021
11.90 € 13.00 €
Wine Box 'Flora' Girlan
Wine Box 'Flora' Girlan
60.00 € 67.50 €