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Agricola Mos

An artisanal and young holding in the Cembra Valley
Region Trentino (Italia)
Foundation Year 2018
Vineyard hectares 6
Annual production 17.000 bt
Address Agricola Mos, Vicolo dei Dami, 149 - 38030 Lisignago (TN)

Agricola MoS is a small winery with an artisanal character located in Val di Cembra, in one of the areas of Trentino historically best suited for wine growing. The idea of creating this small business came from the desire of two friends to put their passion for wine and love for their land to good use. After sharing many evenings uncorking bottles and exchanging opinions on wine, Luca and Federico decided in 2018 that the time had come to move from talk to deeds and to put their energy and skills at the service of an ambitious but exciting project, to translate their ideas on wine and the Valle di Cembra territory into something concrete: a bottle of wine, which would summarise their thoughts and their work.

The Cembra Valley rises from Lavis towards the Fiemme Valley, following the course of the Avisio river, which over the centuries has carved a deep gorge in the valley floor. The territory is characterised by the presence of steep cultivated slopes with narrow terraces supported by stone walls, which draw an orderly landscape, created by man over the centuries with patient and hard work. The soils are poor and stony, generated by the disintegration of porphyry rocks of ancient volcanic origin. The climate is very cool and characterised by significant temperature fluctuations between day and night temperatures. In these particular climatic conditions, white grapes from northern Europe have adapted very well, in particular Muller-Thurgau, Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, used above all to make sparkling wine bases for the Metodo Classico.

The MoS estate has a total extension of 6 hectares, divided into 5 different plots, located in the municipalities of Lisignago and Zambana, at an altitude between 220 and 600 metres above sea level. These are the small properties that once belonged to the families of Luca and Federico and now form the core of the new project. Cultivation is carried out manually. The slopes do not allow for any mechanisation and make the work very demanding and hard. However, the effort is repaid by grapes of excellent quality, which manage to combine intense aromas and lively freshness. The wines mirror this fortunate combination and are appreciated for their pleasant smoothness, immediacy and expressive vivacity.


Agricola Mos' wines
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