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Laherte Freres

Laherte brothers' anticonformistic Champagne
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Foundation Year 1889
Vineyard hectares 10
Annual production 70.000 bt
Address 3 Rue des Jardins, 51530 Chavot-Courcourt, Francia

Maison Laherte Frères is a classic family-owned estate that has been growing vines and producing wines in Chavot, in the area south of Épernay, for several generations. The estate was founded in 1889 by Jean-Baptiste Laherte, and the passion and love for this land has been passed down to the following generations as a precious family heritage. A set of in-depth knowledge of the terroir, which today allows them to understand and enhance its nuances with a range of labels that enhance individual plots and terroirs of particular value. Indeed, the charm of Champagne lies precisely in this diversity and variety, which makes the wines unique and inimitable.
Starting with the original nucleus in Chavot, the domaine has gradually expanded over time and today has a total area of 11 hectares, divided into 75 parcels located in various areas and communes of Champagne: in the Coteaux sud d'Épernay in Chavot, Brugny, Épernay, Mancy and Moussy; in the Vallée de la Marne in Boursault and Le Breuil; and in the Côte des Blancs in Vertus and Voipreux. It is currently run by the sixth generation of the Laherte family, which continues to work following the teachings of an ancient savoir-faire. To meet the growing demand, starting in 2011 the Maison began purchasing grapes from small local vignerons, who share the same production philosophy and allow the quality level of the cuvées to be kept constant. In 2005, Aurélien Laherte brought a breath of fresh air to the management of the estate with a greater focus on the vineyard and sustainability.
In the countryside, principles of respect for tradition and nature are followed, with the intention of preserving the land intact. Between the rows, organic, biodynamic and natural practices are favored. All work in the vineyard throughout the year is done by hand with extreme care. Pressings are very soft and fermentations of the base wines take place 80% in wood, particularly in 350-liter oak barrels or large casks. This is a choice that allows each individual parcel to be vinified separately and bring out its distinctive character. Each winery choice, in fact, is made to enhance the terroir and the wines are meant to be an authentic representation of the place where they are born. Very low final dosage and long aging on the lees contribute to Champagnes of great expressive purity.