Dal 1584 una lunga storia di grandi Champagne

Gosset: pioneer of the wine production in Champagne. The history of the Maison begins way back in 1584 when Jean Gosset bequeaths to his nephew Pierre a small vineyard in the village of Ay, in the valley of the Marne. Today, this village is worldwide known for the quality of its vineyards, almost all qualified 100% Grand Cru. Pierre Gosset sensed immediately that his wine, strictly red and firm, would succeed outside the borders of their region, and began a major trade that soon spread to the whole of France. Only at the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Maison Gosset began the production of Champagne. For 14 generations, this Maison has remained a family winery, until in 1994 when it was transferred to the Cointreau family. In 2009, 425 years after his birth, the Maison moved to its new headquarters: Palazzo Trouillard, in Epernay, beautiful building from the early twentieth century, full of more than five kilometers of underground cellars, dug in the chalky soil, which can reach up to 20 meters deep, where the climate is cool and stable throughout the year and a constant humidity of around 80% allow the perfect refinement of around 2,000,000 bottles of Champagne produced. In the cellar, under the leadership of Jean-Pierre Mereigner, the work is done with the utmost care and attention to every detail and respect for tradition; in the process of winemaking carefully prevents the malolactic fermentation, in order to preserve the malic acid, which gives aroma and freshness to the wine. The whole world now knows and appreciates the Champagne Gosset, a symbol of quality and perfection.

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12, rue Godart Roger - Epernay
The Champagne by Gosset