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I Carpini

The wines, the time and the nature of Colli Tortonesi
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1998
Vineyard hectares 10
Annual production 40.000 bt
Address Cascina I Carpini, Strada Provinciale 105, 1 - 15050 Pozzol Groppo (AL)

I Carpini is a well-established winery in the Colli Tortonesi, a border area just a stone's throw from Lombardy and Emilia, born in 1998 out of an ambitious wine project based on quality, enhancement of biodiversity and respect for nature and time. Maddalena and Paolo Ghislandi's dream, when they bought and restored the old farmhouse surrounded by nature, was to produce "art wines," that is, good wines closely linked to the environment and nature, capable of evolving over time. A dream that is now fully realized and continues today with the same care and passion as in the beginning.

The vineyards surrounding the farmhouse I Carpini are planted on a clay and limestone soil at an altitude of 380 meters, excellent for the cultivation of native vines: Timorasso and Barbera. An organic-olistic type of agriculture is practiced, based on sustainability and environmental balance, involving the coexistence of vines, woods and arable land. The decision to create well-characterized vineyard-cru has led to the creation of different vegan wines for each individual parcel, in order to make the most of the terroir and its peculiarities. A traditional approach is adopted in the winery, evident by the choice to use only indigenous yeasts and to make macerations on the skins and long aging also for the white wines, which, however, does not disdain the use of the most innovative technologies to create clean and elegant wines.

The wines of the I Carpini winery manifest an original style based on study and observation of the terroir. They have a strong and very expressive character but always under the sign of elegance and drinkability. The white wines from Timorasso grapes have shown in recent years a remarkable aging potential that has allowed them to be placed among the great and indispensable expressions of the Colli Tortonesi. A range that as of 2020 has been overhauled, with a new logo and new labels created in a "zen" style through the use of non-digital techniques. A clear and direct message: to create living, soulful expressions that communicate naturalness, simplicity and movement through time and culture!

Creare un vino sincero, dal colore pulito e brillante, ricco di profumi complessi e dal gusto onesto, immediato e persistente, che scatena sensazioni sopite ed emozioni profonde. Creare un vino vivo, che nasce ed evolve secondo i ritmi della natura, affinato in bottiglia e reso forte ed elegante dal tempo

Paolo Ghislandi