Ca' del Bosco

Ca 'del Bosco, when the fusion of wine-making, nature and culture create a magical effect

The history of Ca 'del Bosco winery began in the mid sixties, when Annamaria Clementi Zanella bought in Erbusco, in Franciacorta, a small country house, called "Ca' del bosc". In the 70 Maurizio Zanella had a stroke of genius: to transform a small house nestled in a grove of chestnut trees in one of the most modern and advanced cellars in Franciacorta and in Italy. In this spirit, the winery Ca’ del Bosco was founded, a dream come true day after day, with a constant focus on quality and the sweat of hours spent in the vineyard. Today, Ca 'del Bosco has become a symbol of Franciacorta, one of the wineries are able to collect large awards everywhere and deserved praise. In the cellar you can even visit an area dedicated to art and sculpture, strongly desired by Maurizio Zanella, convinced that the marriage between wine and art could create a magic circle. The atmosphere of the cellar Ca 'del Bosco seems to confirm this atmosphere, anchored to the passion and sense of aesthetics, but always future-oriented and produce wines of increasing quality. Franciacorta and Ca 'del Bosco are so intertwined by a common past and a soul in love with everything about the world of wine: it is not surprising therefore that Ca' del Bosco has become a symbol of Franciacorta.


Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Owned grapes
Year production
1.750.000 bt
Stefano Capelli
Ca' del Bosco, Via Albano Zanella, 13 - 25030 Erbusco (BS)
Ca' del Bosco wines