Moet & Chandon

The great personality of Champagne: simbol of luxury and prestige since 1743

Moet Hennessy is one of the top names in the world of fine and bright Champagne, a real guarantee of quality and luxury. Champagne is certainly the most famous and appreciated bubble all over the world, synonymous of joy and happiness. Moet Hennessy is one of those indispensable names that allows us to enjoy exceptional moments in the company of valuable bottles.

Of course, it is enough mentioning Dom Perignon, a name certainly at the top in the Champagne galaxy, symbol of exclusivity and prestige, as well as a source of a truly unique tasting experience. Moet Hennessy also means Moet & Chandon, another name of primary importance for Champagne.

For bubbles lovers, Champagne and Moet Hennessy are two indispensable references, which will surely have been able to entertain you in the past. For those who still had not come into this world, the advice is to remedy as soon as possible. Few products are able to convey joy and enthusiasm as Champagne. Few manufacturers can combine poetry and prestige, luxury and quality as Moet Hennessy.

You will surely find the right bottle for every occasion, from important happening to quiet evening with friends, from the most exclusive party to the most romantic dinner. The name Moet Hennessy is the guarantee that you will never be disappointed.


Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Year production
26.000.000 bt
Benoit Gouez
Moët et Chandon, Avenue de Champagne, 20 - 51333 Épernay, Francia
The Champagne by Moet & Chandon