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Aglianico 'Le Fole' Cantina Giardino 2020

Aglianico 'Le Fole' Cantina Giardino 2020

Cantina Giardino

The Aglianico "Le Fole" is a full-bodied, intense red wine made from very old vines, which have reached 75 years of age, vinified and aged in concrete vats. The bouquet is rich, composed of small red fruits and oriental spices, with hints of pepper and earth. The palate is broad and deep, overwhelming, characterised by a good fruity freshness




Campania IGT


Aglianico 100%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation in wooden vats with indigenous yeasts, no sulphur dioxide added


Some months in concrete vats

Filosofia produttiva

No added sulfites or minimum, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Le Fole is a true and energetic expression of Aglianico, which conquers by its frankness and gastronomic vocation. One of the most esteemed wineries among artisanal wine lovers, born from the project of six friends who, with the advice of the talented oenologist Antonio Di Gruttola, were able to give voice to a vocated territory such as that of Irpinia. Extreme, multifaceted liquids, but not for everyone. They do not soften the characteristics of local grape varieties such as the impetuous Aglianico or Fiano but aim to let them express themselves freely. No use of chemicals or selected yeasts. Ariano Irpino has its diamond, and every year is a new surprise.

The red wine Le Fole is made from pure Aglianico grapes from 75-year-old vines. Everything, from farming to winemaking, is carried out with as little interventionism as possible. The vines grow on soils free of any chemical substances, and after the grapes are harvested by hand and destemmed, fermentation is started only with the intervention of indigenous yeasts, followed by maceration for about 11-12 days. Maturation takes place for 6 months in concrete vats. No sulphur dioxide is added, as well as no clarification or filtration.

Le Fole wine descends into the glass with a ruby red of great intensity. The nose is lively and penetrating from the start; it tastes of berries, black pepper, leather, and earth and is constantly enlivened by a delicate, volatile sensation. The sip reveals its origin, Aglianico, to the marrow; it is impetuous and overwhelming for freshness and rhythmic tannin. A spectacular liquid with a gastronomic vocation accompanies the everyday table, preferring combinations such as succulent meat dishes, mature cheeses or richly seasoned first courses. Fluidity and incessant rhythm.


Intense ruby red


Wide and deep, juicy and fresh, with pleasant fruity aromas


Rich and intense, of red fruit, oriental spices and tobacco, with peppery and earthy notes and delicate volatile sensations