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Amaro 'Sea' MZero

Amaro 'Sea' MZero


MZero's Amaro 'Sea' is a unique and tasty Calabrian liqueur that received a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2022 as the best Italian bitter. It is made using the well-known Calabrian cedars and purified salty sea water, giving unique nuances to the final product. The dark amber colour introduces bold aromas of citrus and mint while the palate enjoys a smooth, enveloping, rich and long sip. Serve it ice cold to enjoy it to the full!




Riesling 100%

Alcohol content

35 %


50 cl Bottle


Amaro "Sea", produced by MZero, is a Calabrian speciality and a first in the world of bitters. It is a typically territorial label, made with cedars from Calabria and seawater, a true symbol of the history and culture of the Mediterranean, its scents and heady aromas. It is a bottle that wants to emphasize the Calabrian tradition in the making, first of herbal infusions and then of bitters, going back to the past, to the products of the land, which best represent its face and character in a frank and sincere way.

"Sea" is an Amaro made by a Calabrian company with an artisanal character. The MZero brand is the synthesis of a concept related to the theme of environmental sustainability. It means, in fact, Mile Zero and espouses a production philosophy linked to valuing the land and its products to avoid pollution generated by transportation. The concept of eco-sustainability is also underscored by the decision to adopt plastic-free production and to offer 100% recyclable items, perfectly integrated in a circular economy logic, which tends toward the ultimate goal of zero waste and zero pollution. Even the bottles, in fact, are covered with recycled leather, absolutely unique and one different from the other, guaranteeing a still artisanal approach. The idea for the bitters stems from the desire to express and savour the Mediterranean aromas of the Calabrian land in their truest authenticity. The basis of the processing is the wonderful and fragrant citrons of Calabria, which are treated with long and patient infusions. To lower the grade of the liquor, purified Mediterranean seawater is used.

Amaro "Sea" MZero presents itself in the glass with dark amber and dark brown highlights. The olfactory profile is seductive and very intense, with an original and captivating bouquet, blending notes of citrus peel, ripe cedar, soft oriental spices, balsamic nuances reminiscent of spearmint and eucalyptus, light marine, iodine and brackish sensations. The palate entry is enveloping and suave, with intense aromas, rich and broad, dominated by ripe citrus. The sip is long and very satisfying, with a fresh, spicy finish marked by a pleasant savoury trail. We recommend tasting the bitter at a temperature of 0 °C. Try it paired with candied ginger, which enhances its aromatic liveliness.


Deep, dark amber


Complex, rich, elegant, soft and persistent


Intense and articulate, citrus and spices meet spearmint