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Aperol Campari - 100cl

Aperol Campari - 100cl


Campari's Aperol is the unmistakable Italian aperitif bitter. Its bright orange color and its sweet and sour and fresh taste make it the perfect base for the most classic cocktails of our tradition. Born from the infusion of oranges, rhubarb and selected herbs and roots, it is immediately recognizable for its orange scent with vanilla notes and the velvety sip accompanied by bittersweet tones and hints of wood. In a large format perfect for parties



Alcohol content

11 %


100 cl Bottle


Aperol Campari is one of the best known brands. For over a century, it has been the protagonist of convivial and joyful aperitif moments. Its orange colour makes it unmistakable and it is still one of the most popular and drunk bitters in the world. Its characteristically smooth taste, with a pleasantly bitter finish, has made it particularly suitable either to be enjoyed neat or with a splash of seltzer, or to be used as the basis for numerous classic or modern mixology cocktails. After the success of the Aperol Soda, the new generation rediscovered this historic Italian bitter with the Aperol Spritz, which quickly won over the preferences of young people looking for an aperitif with a strong personality and low alcohol content.

Bitter Aperol was born from the desire to create a simple, easy-to-drink and low-alcohol aperitif. The recipe was developed in 1919 by the Barbieri brothers, who presented their creation at the International Fair in Padua. But it was mainly after the Second World War that Aperol became famous throughout Italy as the national aperitif. The advent of television and the advertising campaigns on Carosello, interpreted by the great actor Tino Buazzelli, who uttered the famous slogan 'Ah Aperol', contributed decisively to its success. The definitive relaunch took place in the 1980s and 1990s, with Aperol Soda, the ready-to-drink single-dose version with a very low alcohol content. Then it was the turn of the Aperol Spitz, which within a few years became the most fashionable aperitif.

Aperol is the aperitif with an unmistakable colour and taste that has remained unchanged since 1919. Even today, it is still produced using the ancient recipe that has always remained secret, the exclusive heritage of the brand owners. The bitter comes from the infusion of oranges, rhubarb and other herbs and roots whose names are unknown. Its aromas are unmistakable, opening on fragrant notes of orange peel, herbs, rhubarb and bark. The palate is smooth, with an almost sweet, rich and ample entry, anticipating a harmonious and slightly bitter finish.


Bright orange


Velvety and round, with orange and wood tones and a bittersweet finish


Orange with hints of herbs and vanilla