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Bitter 'Beat' Icona Spirits

Bitter 'Beat' Icona Spirits

Icona Spirits

'Beat' by Icona Spirits is the first completely natural Italian Bitter, made from spring water from the Dolomites, fruit juice and tinctures and Quassio. The epitome of the aperitif, with an excellent balance of sweet and bitter. The cherry red colour is enhanced by bright purplish reflections for a unique product ideal for cocktails such as Negroni

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Alcohol content

25 %


70 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Icona Spirits Bitter 'Beat' is a spirit of natural pleasantness and harmony, the first purely natural bitter on the Italian market, without added flavours and without artificial or animal colourings. In ancient times, bitters were used for medicinal purposes, containing numerous plants with multiple therapeutic properties. Due to the flavour of plants such as cinchona bark, rhubarb and aloe, the pronounced bitter taste of these drinks earned them the nickname "bitter", derived from the English word for "bitter".

The bitter "Beat" of Icona Spirits is produced in Pieve del Grappa in the province of Treviso by Genziana Distillati according to an exclusive recipe of Icona Spirits from water from the sources of the Venetian Dolomites, Quassio, typical bitter herbs and red fruit juice and tinctures. The use of artificial flavours and colours is avoided throughout the production process. To guarantee production quality, Icona Spirits, together with its partners and suppliers, has signed the "Manifesto", a document confirming its products' uniqueness.

Icona Spirits Bitter "Beat" has an intense cherry red colour with violet reflections. Vibrant and complex notes of red fruits, such as plums and sour cherries, and hints of bark characterize the olfactory spectrum along with intense rose notes. On the palate, the balance between the restrained sweetness and the pleasantly tart and bitter aftertaste is excellent, with the long, rounded finish highlighting fruity and spicy sensations. We recommend using this bitter when making a Negroni or Spritz for an exceptional experience. Try it also with tonic water for a tasty and satisfying aperitif.


Cherry red with violet reflections


Sweet, sour, spicy, bitter


Hints of fruit such as plums and black cherries, intense notes of rose and hints of bark