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Black Wine Bag 4 Bottles Callmewine

Black Wine Bag 4 Bottles Callmewine

A practical Callmewine signature bag that can carry up to four bottles, each in its own pocket, ensuring safe and convenient transportation. Whether you're going on a trip or invited to dinner at a friend's house, Callmewine's four-bottle bag can always come in handy!




75 cl Bottle


Callmewine's four-bottle black bag is the perfect gift for wine lovers and our loyal customers. At Callmewine you will not only find the bottles you love most, but also novel gadgets for a complete wine experience. This exclusive Callmewine bag is a perfect accessory for the safe transport of your favourite bottles of wine. Made of quality materials, you can store up to four bottles in each of the pockets designed to hold and protect each bottle.

The bag can hold bottles of various sizes, providing optimal protection for each type of wine. The functional design allows each pocket to wrap tightly around the bottle, limiting its movement and making transport more comfortable and less annoying. With this Callmewine bag, your favourite bottles are in good hands! All in all, Callmewine's four-bottle bag is a stylish and functional accessory, perfect for taking those bottles you've been meaning to have your friends taste on a trip or a dinner party!