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Calvados du Domfrontais Reserve 5 Anni Didier Lemorton

Calvados du Domfrontais Reserve 5 Anni Didier Lemorton

Didier Lemorton

Didier Lemorton's Calvados du Domfrontais Reserve 5 Years is a fragrant and intense Calvados made with 70% pears and the remaining 30% apples and aged 5 years in wood. Fresh, smooth and lightly spiced, produced by a historic family-owned Maison in Normandy, which expertly and precisely distills a smooth, aromatic and irresistible Calvados!

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Calvados Domfrontais AOC


Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


5 years in wooden barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Didier Lemorton's Calvados du Domfrontais Reserve 5 Years is the fruit of the centuries-old tradition in fruit processing in Normandy. In this region of northern France, ancient varieties of apples and pears are still grown, each with distinctive characteristics and flavors, and these have been jealously preserved for the production of Calvados. Often too tart to be eaten, they are instead perfect for producing great spirits, which express all the aromatic richness and fragrance of the fruit, enhanced by the elegant notes of tertiary evolution resulting from long aging in fine woods.
Reserve 5 Anni is a Calvados du Domfrontais that was born in the heart of Normandy. Maison Didier Lemorton is located in Mantilly, some 30 kilometers southwest of the famous Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, one of the region's main tourist attractions. Martine et Didier Lemorton make their Calvados using a high percentage of pears, about 70 percent, compared to the minimum 30 percent required by the specifications, supplemented by apples. The fruit is harvested only when perfectly ripe to ensure maximum aromatic richness. The pears and apples are processed while still fragrant and then fermented. They are then distilled in traditional stills in order to obtain a fruit brandy of excellent purity level and with intense and elegant aromas. Before bottling, the Calvados ages for a period of five years in wooden barrels, acquiring extraordinary aromatic complexity.
Calvados du Domfrontais Didier Lemorton Reserve 5 Years is an eau-de-vie of great expressive finesse, blending in a perfect balance the crisp sensations of ripe fruit of excellent quality, with the more evolved notes resulting from aging in wood. In the glass it is amber in color with bright, warm old gold highlights. The bouquet offers delicately spiced aromas, hints of vanilla, aromas of ripe white-fleshed fruit, particularly pear, notes of dried fruit and soft honeyed nuances. The palate entry is persuasive, rich and broad, with pleasant fruity sensations and tertiary aromas enhancing complexity. The finish is long and aromatically persistent.


Amber with golden highlights


Fine, soft, balanced and slightly sweet


Notes of ripe pear and pleasant spicy nuances in which clove stand out