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Chateau Nubbgatan White Fruktstereo

Chateau Nubbgatan White Fruktstereo


Fruktstereo's "Chateau Nubbgatan White" is a fruit cider made with Solaris, the Piwi grape variety, and apples. Part of the grapes macerate on the apples, while another part macerates, with the whole cluster, for 2 weeks in amphora. In short, a funky and very creative product! Fragrant tropical scents meet citrus hitns, gooseberry and hints of hay. The sip has pleasantly sweet acetic aromas, balanced by a direct sip, so fresh and pleasantly rough, thanks to perfectly integrated tannins




Alcohol content

7.5 %


75 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Chateau Nubbgatan White by Fruktstereo represents an innovation in the world of fruit ciders, produced by a young and bold Swedish venture located near Malmö. Founded in 2016 by Karl Sjöström and Mikael Nypelius, Fruktstereo has made experimentation and creativity its strong points. Situated in a region where culture and climate do not offer established models for the production of this type of beverage, the company has embraced this new principle of fruit fermentation.

Fruktstereo stands out not only for its innovation but also for the care and attention it devotes to the unique and eclectic production process of its ciders. Solaris grapes and apples used for the Chateau Nubbgatan White are carefully harvested and processed using vinification techniques aimed at maximizing the fruity character and freshness of the product. A portion of the grapes macerates on the apples, while another portion ferments for two weeks as whole clusters in amphora. The result is a funky and surprising product that combines fragrant tropical notes with citrusy hints and rustic hay undertones.

The Chateau Nubbgatan White by Fruktstereo presents itself with a slightly cloudy color, with an intense yellow tone reminiscent of the warm reflections of the Swedish sun. The fruity and characteristic aroma evokes hints of green apple and gooseberry, notes of apple cider vinegar and grapefruit, and hints of straw, anticipating a taste full of freshness and character. On the palate, perfectly integrated tannins emerge. The result is a cider full of character, with an intense aroma and fresh taste, perfect to enjoy paired with light meat-based dishes.


Intense cloudy yellow


Very fresh, free-range, light and fragrant, quite tannic


Gooseberries, apple peel, pineapple, grapefruit, hay, rhubarb