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'Fetembulles' Robinot - L'Ange Vin 2022

'Fetembulles' Robinot - L'Ange Vin 2022

Robinot - L'Ange Vin

The 'Fetembulles' Robinot - L'Ange Vin is a bottle-refermented sparkling wine made from Chenin Blanc. On the sip, it is very fresh, dry, elegant and has a nice savory finish, while the nose offers hints of citrus, floral hints and dried fruit. A formidable pet-nat, to drink as an aperitif or to accompany delicately flavored dishes




Chenin Blanc 100%

Alcohol content

11.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts and refermentation in the bottle according to the Ancestral Method

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The 'Fetembulles' from producer Jean Pierre Robinot – L’Ange Vin is a Method Ancestral of great energy and vivacity produced solely from Chenin Blanc grapes cultivated biodynamically. This variety, native to the central Loire region, is one of the most extraordinary in terms of oenological versatility, as it lends itself to being vinified in a wide variety of wine types and styles. In fact, Chenin can be used to produce still dry wines, sparkling wines, sparkling wines, sweet wines, from botrytis-affected or even noble rot-affected grapes. This is also due to the wine's sensory completeness, generally endowed with good body and high acidity, with a characteristic mineral stamp that the grapes are able to absorb from the soils of the Loire Valley.

L’Ange Vin – Robinot 'Fetembulles' is a 100% Chenin Blanc from vines aged between 10 and 20 years, cultivated in accordance with the principles of biodynamic agriculture on soils rich in red clay and flint. Harvesting is done by hand, and in the cellar, the grapes are vinified in white through gentle pressing and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. When the fermentation process is not yet complete, the must-wine is bottled to finish the process in glass and develop a slight effervescence, in accordance with the Ancestral Method. The wine is finally disgorged by hand, and the entire process excludes any clarification or filtration operations, and even the addition of sulfites.

The Chenin Blanc Method Ancestral 'Fetembulles' Robinot – L’Ange Vin is light and bright straw yellow. The aromatic profile is defined by notes of citrus accompanied by floral and dried fruit hints. The palate is fresh and fragrant, very enjoyable, with a dry and tangy finish.


Light and bright straw yellow


Fresh, fragrant, dry and savory on the finish


Notes of citrus, floral and dried fruit hints