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Franciacorta Rosé Brut 61 Berlucchi
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Franciacorta Rosé Brut 61 Berlucchi


The Franciacorta Rosé 61 is a traditional method rosé sparkling wine that is very pleasant ans sensual, aged on the lees in bottle for at least 24 months. Elegant and delicate notes of red fruits and pommegrade coalesce to toated hints in a smooth fresh creamy taste, with a velvety and subtle fizz

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Franciacorta DOCG


Pinot Nero 60%, Chardonnay 40%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Soft pressing, fermentation in steel tanks with a short maceration for the Pinot Noir and second fermentation in the bottle according to the Traditional Method


At least 24 months on the lees in bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Berlucchi's Rosè Brut 61 is a fascinating expression of classic method rosé sparkling wine, produced by one of the wineries that made Franciacorta history. The meeting in 1955 between founder Guido Berlucchi and wine expert Franco Ziliani gave birth to a partnership destined to write important pages in the world of Italian bubbles. This label pays homage to the first year of production of this famous sparkling wine in its rosé guise. After all, behind the elegance and sensuality of this rosé bubbly lie the efforts, passion and age-old tradition of the winery, which, year after year, has carved out a place for itself in the Olympus of bubbles. A romantic and charming Rosé, dedicated to all lovers and enthusiasts.

Franciacorta Brut Rosé 61 is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, from the best vineyards in the prestigious area, spread across 19 communes. The Pinot Noir gives freshness and savouriness, while the Chardonnay provides a softer, more generous contribution. The result is a millimetric fusion, which, combined with a well-calibrated dosage, gives life to a label capable of confirming itself at the top of its type every year. After the second fermentation in the bottle, it matures 24 months on the lees and rests at least 2 months in the bottle, thus enriching its aromatic profile.

Franciacorta Rosè 61 offers itself in the glass with soft mousse and extremely fine and persistent perlage. The nose is cohesive and immediately veers towards notes of berries and cherries, but the resting period on the lees adds bakery and pastry notes to the complex and intense olfactory profile. On tasting, it immediately strikes for the extreme freshness of the sip, balanced by the slight sugar content of the dosage. A transversal and versatile wine with almost unlimited gastronomic ductility, capable of accompanying both cured meats and cheeses and shellfish in sauce. A bubble that captivates and strikes that like few others will accompany the most romantic moments!


Straw yellow with golden hues


Lively, fresh and creamy, with a light effervescence and savory fruity aromas


Elegant and delicate notes of berries, red orange and pomegranate with hints of toasted walnut and bread crust