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Gin Citadelle

Gin Citadelle


Citadelle Gin is a complex yet balanced distillate made by the historic French distillery Citadelle. For its production, 19 different botanicals from all over the world are selected and processed through a long and unique open flame process. In the glass it shines crystal clear while the rich spice and seductive aromatic profile with spicy and Middle Eastern nuances emerge on the nose. It is subtle, delicate, smooth and fragrant - the French expression of gin!

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Alcohol content

44 %


70 cl Bottle


The recipe for Citadelle Gin was developed in 1771 in a distillery in Dunkirk, one of the first ports of Europe on the way back to the carriers of the trade company who returned from the east loaded with spices. At that time, the Citadel, the fortress built to protect Dunkirk, distillers had the idea to infuse these spices with alcohol and distill. Thus was born this gin French. Production methods have improved over time but the recipe has remained the same unchanged. Citadelle is now the only gin made with 19 different spices that can give a complex product and well balanced. Although the recipe is kept secret, the key ingredients include French and juniper root of violet, Moroccan coriander, almonds and lemon zest and sour of Spain, Mexican orange peel, angelica from northern Germany, India cardamom, cassia bark Indochina and cinnamon from Sri Lanka, the sweetness of the complex Chinese licorice, spicy flavor of beans from West Africa, Java pepper, cumin Dutch, French savory and star anise, nutmeg, fennel and Italian iris root, appreciated for its digestive properties and its ability to fix tastes complex content in gin. The Citadelle gin offers a delicate nose, where it enhances the fragrant juniper. It is elegant, round and round in the mouth. He has a good seal and let express the complexity of its subtle aromas during the long finish. Double Gold Medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London in 2004 and mention of the Highly Recommended Beberage Testing Institute of Chicago.


Crystalline and brilliant


Fine, spicy, elegant, with a beautiful freshness


Notes of juniper and jasmine, with a finale that draws anise and cinnamon