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Gin 'Coca Leaf Black' Amuerte

Gin 'Coca Leaf Black' Amuerte


Amuerte is the name of the first gin produced from coca leaves, combined to exotic and South American botanicals, like alkekengi, dragon fruit and pepper from Sichuan. Its character is  balanced and elegant, with exotic, fruity and citrusy nuances and subtle herbaceous tones of the Peruvian coca leaves





Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle


Gin 'Coca Leaf Black' from the Amuerte distillery is as unique as its eccentric label. It is produced in Belgium with a base of Peruvian Coca leaves and a number of other exotic botanicals, mainly from South America: alkekengi, dragon fruit and sichuan pepper. The result of this original blend of carefully selected herbs and botanicals is a Gin with a very balanced taste, with citrus, tropical fruit, herbaceous and vegetable aromas that are particularly refreshing and persistent. A truly special Gin dedicated to all fans of this historic distillate, who are always on the lookout for something new and special.

Coca Leaf Black' is a Gin made in Belgium with botanicals from all over the world. The two founders of the Amuerte distillery travelled extensively to select a set of herbs that would give the distillate an original profile and a unique taste. The basis of the recipe is the use of Coca leaves harvested in the rainforest of Peru, which are joined by many other botanicals that complement the Gin's aromas. During the infusion and distillation process, the coca leaves lose their active ingredient, releasing only the characteristic plant aromas. The Gin is distinguished by an aromatic character, expressing ripe notes of exotic fruit combined with spicy sensations and balsamic freshness. An experience not to be missed to get to know the reality of this distillery with its inimitable personality.

"Coca Leaf Black" Gin from the Amuerte distillery is created from the infusion in neutral alcohol of Peruvian Coca leaves and other botanicals, including juniper, tamarillo, papaya, dragon fruit, Peruvian physalis and orange peel. It is a particularly refined and successful exotic mix that provides an unusual taste experience. In the glass it is transparent and crystal clear. On the nose, it expresses delicately spicy aromas, fruity, citrus, orange peel, herbs and the classic balsamic notes of juniper. The sip is harmonious and soft, with a very fruity centre of the mouth, leading towards a slightly bitter finish.


Crystal clear


Smooth, fruity, citrusy, pleasant, balanced and slightly bitter


Fruity and spicy, with scents of juniper, citrus fruits, wild herbs and tropical fruits