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Gin 'Coca Leaf Blue' Amuerte

Gin 'Coca Leaf Blue' Amuerte


Gin Blu Amuerte is made from Peruvian coca leaves and sweet blue figs. It gives an authentic and pleasantly sweet flavor, with a complex and intense tone, characterized by notes of sweet and ripe fruit accompanied by light herbaceous sensations. A hand-drawn collector's bottle finished with 24-karat gold foil




Sangiovese 80%, Ciliegiolo 10%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%



Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle


Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in steel vats with control temperature


18 months in oak barrels and barrique then 12 months in bottle


Amuerte 'Coca Leaf Blue' Gin is an iconic, bright blue bottle with a hand-drawn design finished with precious 24-carat gold foil. Its origins are rooted in the traditions of the Incas people. In ancient South American society, coca leaves were used to endure physical fatigue and stave off hunger.  The idea to create this gin came about during a trip to Latin America by the company's two founders, who had the opportunity to participate in an indigenous tribe's ceremony, during which coca leaves were chewed. Thus was born the first gin in the world with coca leaves: a rarity worth trying.

"Coca Leaf Blue" is a gin made by a brand created by two young people, who decided to turn their passion into a craft business, capable of producing excellent gins, characterised by a refined and very original aromatic profile. At the basis of the gin is a particular search for botanicals, with the use of some unusual ingredients. In addition to the herbs generally used in the original gin recipe, Peruvian coca leaves and blue figs are also included in the process. The preparation follows traditional practices with infusion of the herbs and spices in alcohol to achieve a perfect extraction of the aromas. A careful distillation follows, guaranteeing a gin of extraordinary finesse, fragrant and elegant.

Amuerte 'Coca Leaf Blue' Gin is a distillate with a unique character and a strong personality. It conquers precisely because of its original notes, which are mainly reminiscent of Peruvian coca leaves, the gin's main ingredient. To the eye it is crystal clear and absolutely transparent. On the nose it offers scents reminiscent above all of the plant world, with herbaceous hints, nuances of medicinal herbs, balsamic herbs, coca leaves, aromas of ripe white-fleshed fruit, citrus fragrances, against a rich background of freshly picked juniper berries. The entry on the palate is soft and sweet, with intense, deep and very persistent aromas. The finish is very fresh and characterised by balsamic sensations.




Authentic, pleasantly sweet, intense and complex


Notes of sugary fruit, hints of herbs and juniper