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Gin 'Coca Leaf White' Amuerte

Gin 'Coca Leaf White' Amuerte


Gin Amuerte White is a spirit with an exotic and intense character, produced in Belgium from Peruvian coca leaves and other botanicals. The aromatic profile is a combination of spices and tropical fruit, with subtle herbaceous and balsamic nuances





Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle


Coca Leaf White Gin from the Amuerte distillery is a distillate with a unique and special personality, just like its flashy label. It is a Gin made in Belgium but with Coca leaves from Peru, to which other carefully selected botanicals are added, the result of a long research process. It is a Gin from two continents, which presents itself in the glass with a very interesting and surprising exotic taste. Its aromas are mainly characterised by spicy and tropical fruit notes, enhanced by vegetal, slightly herbaceous and balsamic nuances. It is a label suitable for those in search of new flavours and unusual fragrances.

Coca Leaf White' is a Gin produced in the heart of Belgium. It was born from an exotic suggestion of two young distillery enthusiasts, who decided to use as the main botanical for their gin the Coca leaves from the Peruvian rainforest, where the local tribes traditionally use them as a medicine or remedy against physical fatigue and hunger. The gin is the result of a series of journeys by the two owners of the Amuerte distillery in search of the best botanicals. The precious essences were thus chosen: juniper, cardamom, coriander, Sichuan pepper, tamarillo, oranges, red pepper, papaya, South American dragon fruit, Peruvian physalis and finger lime. The combination of these botanicals with the Coca leaves, which lose their active ingredient during distillation, creates an intense and harmonious combination of aromas with a truly unusual taste.

Amuerte Distillery's 'Coca Leaf White' Gin is made with a neutral alcohol base and an infusion of Peruvian Coca leaves and other botanicals, including juniper, cardamom, coriander, finger lime and Sichuam pepper. In the glass it is transparent in colour and perfectly crystalline. The nose is characterised by a bouquet reminiscent of soft aromas of tropical fruits and oriental spices over a background of juniper and balsamic herbs. The palate has a soft, persuasive entry, with pleasantly ripe fruit, a delicate spiciness and a finish that returns to vegetal and herbal sensations.


Crystal clear


Rich, smooth, fruity, spicy, slightly herbaceous and balsamic


Intense and tropical, with scents of exotic fruits, spices, juniper and balsamic herbs