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Gin DelMago - 50cl

Gin DelMago - 50cl


Gin DelMago is a distillate developed by Marcello Trentini, chef of the Turin restaurant Magorabin. It is steam distilled, enhancing the fresh and balsamic notes. It has a clean, minty body of great purity that make it perfect for an unforgettable Gin & Tonic




Nebbiolo 100%


Alcohol content

40 %


50 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks with maceration on the skins for 28 days and malolactic fermentation


36 months in oak barrels, tha at least 12 months in bottles


DelMago Gin is a label that is part of the Spiriti Assoluti collection, created by chef Marcello Trentini, a great lover of the world of spirits and liqueurs. It is a series of bottles with an artisanal character resulting from in-depth knowledge and a desire to experiment and seek innovative ways. The starting point is the inescapable model of the classic London Dry Gin, a symbol of the finest English tradition for centuries, reinterpreted with great finesse and elegance. It is a distillate of extreme purity with a refined and essential profile, which bases its appeal on the fragrant notes of officinal herbs and citrus fruits combined with a limpid and very fresh balsamic reminiscent of mint and juniper.

DelMago Gin is the materialisation of a dream and a passion. Marcello Trentini had already started to include a Lounge Bar in his Turin restaurant Magorabin to give space to the world of spirits. A first step that led him to continue on this path to realise his original creations. The Gin is the result of extensive research into the botanicals to be selected to achieve the expressive finesse of the great London Dry Gins, with an original touch of fragrance and freshness. Slow infusions allow all the aromas to be extracted, and a special process of distillation of the juniper berries in a current of steam enhances its intense balsamic notes.

DelMago Gin is a great distillate dedicated to refined palates. Pure and crystal clear, it is absolutely clear and transparent. Fine and elegant, its bouquet is characterised by aromas reminiscent of the fragrance of citrus fruits, the zest of ripe lemon, medicinal herbs, the aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean maquis, notes of cardamom, coriander and soft oriental spices, the spicy and piquant nuance of ginger and balsamic hints of mint and juniper berries. The entry on the palate is soft and suave, with a clear aromatic richness that stretches, with harmonious elegance, towards a finish characterised by balsamic and citrus freshness.


Crystalline and clean


Pure, clean, fresh and with balsamic notes


Fresh notes of spices, juniper and balsamic memories at the end