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Gin Mare Mediterranean

Gin Mare Mediterranean

Gin Mare - Marc e Manuel Girò

Gin Mare is the first authentic Mediterranean gin obtained from the highest quality raw materials. It is produced by applying traditional Mediterranean techniques inside the Vilanova distillery, between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada, through a discontinuous distillation process carried out in a special 250-liter Florentine alembic. From the maceration, infusion and mixing of 8 carefully selected botanicals, a distillate is obtained that carries in its DNA the distinctive organoleptic characteristics of the Mediterranean: Arbequina olive, basil from Italy, rosemary from Greece, thyme from Turkey, citrus from Spain, juniper, coriander and cardamom




Alcohol content

42.7 %


70 cl Bottle


Gin Mare Mediterranean is among the most famous and appreciated spirits worldwide for its unique ability to evoke the Mediterranean nature of the Spanish land like no other. Its success is not just tied to the choice of botanicals from the Spanish and Italian coastlines, already commonly used in various gins, but to the way it has embraced and integrated them as its distinctive and characteristic features. Born in Vilanova y la Geltrù, near Barcelona, from the passion of Marc and Manuel Girò, the current fourth generation, who, for the past 10 years, have revolutionized the concept of gin by infusing it with the typical essence of the Mediterranean shrubbery that has consecrated its fame around the world. The two brothers use a marvellous 250-litre Florentine still, specially crafted for this production.

For the maceration of Gin Mare, each of the eight botanical components is individually added to two hundred litres of neutral grain spirit and water for 24-48 hours; the citrus fruits are macerated for almost a year before undergoing the distillation process. The master distiller then blends the distilled spirits obtained to create the distinctive tasting notes of this gin. It is flavoured with four main botanicals: basil from Italy, thyme from Turkey, rosemary from Greece, and citrus fruits from Spain (Seville sweet orange, Valencia bitter orange, and Lleida lemon), along with the Arbequina olive, a typical cultivar of Catalonia. Alongside the classic juniper, coriander, and cardamom, these scents create a gin with the usual reminiscences of the Mediterranean coasts.

Mediterranean Gin Mare presents itself as transparent and crystal clear. The nose is spicy with herbaceous notes reminiscent of a damp pine forest and tomato plants, with subtle hints of rosemary, black olives, and citrus in the background. On the palate, it is flavorful with a great taste-olfactory correspondence. It starts with juniper and fresh coriander, transforming into bitterness with typical herbaceous notes of rosemary and basil, balancing well with the fresh hints of citrus. The finish recalls green olives, cardamom, and basil. Today, Gin Mare can be found in almost every bar and is the foundation for delightful Gin and Tonics served with rosemary sprigs.


Transparent and crystalline


Intense, spicy, fresh and very aromatic


Spicy and herbaceous with hints of tomato, rosemary and black olives