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Hard Seltzer Limone e Zenzero Roy's Club (12x275ml)

Hard Seltzer Limone e Zenzero Roy's Club (12x275ml)

Roy's Club

Roy's Club "Lemon and Ginger" Hard Seltzer is an innovative and surprising product perfect for any occasion. Elegant bubbles and hints of citrus accompany a fresh, slightly spicy sip. The combination of ginger and lemon forms a perfect pairing to be drunk neat or used in mixology to make sophisticated cocktails or give a twist to great classics




Alcohol content

4.5 %


27.5 cl Bottle


Italian production company Roy's Club introduces 'Lemon and Ginger' Hard Seltzer, a low-alcohol, carbonated beverage appreciated for its bold and slightly spicy taste. In fact, this hard seltzer stems from the desire to create something strong and distinctive that can truly surprise those who taste it. The phenomenon of hard seltzers emerged in the 1990s in the United States, Australia, and England and has only recently gained traction in Italy.
Roy's Club' Lemon and Ginger' Hard Seltzer is born from the combination of ingredients such ingredients such as water, cereal distillate, sugar, citric acid, natural lemon flavour, and ginger infusion. Water is the primary ingredient, the crucial base that is carbonated to give it a lively effervescence, while the cereal distillate brings the alcohol content to around 4.5%. The contribution of sugar and citric acid is essential in achieving the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. Lastly, the natural lemon flavour provides an acidic and refreshing sensation, while the ginger infusion imparts a spicy and piquant flavour. All bottles of Roy's Club are then marketed in numbered series.
Roy's Club' Lemon and Ginger' Hard Seltzer is transparent and crystalline with a subtle and persistent effervescence. On the nose, one can perceive citrusy and spicy aromas reminiscent of the lemon and ginger used in the production. The taste is refreshing and balanced, characterized by fine bubbles and a subtle and pleasant spicy sensation. This hard seltzer is designed to be enjoyed on its own when chilled or used as an original ingredient in the preparation of refreshing cocktails.


Slightly cloudy with delicate, evanescent bubbles


Balanced, fresh, pungent and slightly spicy


Fresh, lively, sharp notes of citrus and spicy sensations of ginger