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Olio EVO del Garda Saottini - 50cl

Olio EVO del Garda Saottini - 50cl


Saottini's Olio EVO del Garda is a delicate, fragrant oil composed of a blend of Leccino and Casaliva olives. It expresses fruity and fresh grass notes, which are accompanied by a characteristic almond aftertaste. It is recommended to be enjoyed raw to feel its unique and fragrant flavors




50 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Garda produced by the Saottini winery is a highly aromatic and delicate EVO oil, representing one of the most distinctive agricultural products of Lake Garda. Despite the olive tree not being widely spread in Northern Italy due to its high sensitivity to low temperatures, olive groves thrive on the shores of Lake Garda. This is precisely due to the mitigating influence of the lake, which, with its ability to absorb and release solar heat, helps create a mild Mediterranean-like climate. The olive tree has been present in this territory since Roman times, and over the centuries, its cultivation on the Riviera del Garda has intensified, so much so that today this plant is considered one of the symbols of the area.

For the production of Saottini's Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Garda, olives from the Leccino and Casaliva cultivars grown in the Brescia Garda area are used. After harvesting, the olives are transported to the mill and then processed through cold mechanical extraction, preserving the natural organoleptic and health properties of the oil. The precious liquid is then immediately bottled in an elegant half-liter format.

Upon visual examination, Saottini's Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Brescia Garda shows a beautiful golden-yellow appearance with greenish reflections. The delicate and harmonious olfactory spectrum is described by intriguing fruity aromas and light hints of fresh grass, while the taste is balanced and fragrant, with a typical aftertaste of almond accompanying the delicate finish. The producer's recommendation is to strictly enjoy this oil raw to fully appreciate its aroma and flavor, without alterations due to any cooking.


Golden yellow with green highlights


Balanced, light, fragrant, with an almond aftertaste


Fruity notes and delicate hints of fresh grass