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Pinot Blanc Trocken Ortswein Deidesheim Weingut Reinhardt 2022

Pinot Blanc Trocken Ortswein Deidesheim Weingut Reinhardt 2022

Weingut Reinhardt

The Pinot Blanc Trocken Ortswein Deidesheim from Weingut Reinhardt is an intriguing German white from the historic Palatinate region. The winery cultivates some historic sites in the area according to organic farming principles to return genuine wines with an eye for sustainability. White and yellow fruit are noticeable on the nose, with slight almond hints on the finish. The palate is very fresh and delicate, but not light: warmth and persistence make this wine perfect for fish dishes or even delicate white meats




Pinot Blanc 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in steel with indigenous yeasts


Several months in oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Natural, Organic

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


The strictly family-run estate Weingut Reinhardt presents the Pinot Blanc Trocken Ortswein Deidesheim, a refined and complex expression of the Pinot Blanc from Pfalz. The grapes destined for this Ortswein, a term that can be assimilated to the village concept popular in Burgundy, come from the area of Deidesheim, a municipality known for two wine-related festivals: the Geißbockversteigerung and the Deidesheimer Weinkerwe, testifying to the link between the area and this ancient drink. After Riesling, the undisputed king of German oenology, Pinot Blanc is the second most widely planted white grape variety in the Palatinate wine region, the third overall behind Pinot Noir.

The Deidesheim Weingut Reinhardt Pinot Bianco Trocken Ortswein is a 100% Pinot Bianco, locally known as Weissburgunder or Weisser Burgunder, organically cultivated on soils characterised by abundant sandstone and limestone marl. After harvesting, which is carried out strictly by hand with careful selection of the bunches, the grapes are gently pressed and the must undergoes spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. This is followed by several months of ageing in oak barrels before final bottling.

The Pinot Bianco Weisser Burgunder Weingut Reinhardt Trocken Ortswein Deidesheim is light straw yellow in colour with brilliant golden highlights. The complex aromatic spectrum expresses aromas of ripe yellow fruit, pear, golden apple and white flowers that combine with notes of toasted almond and vanilla imparted by the passage in wood. On the palate, the good structure and creamy body are perfectly balanced by brilliant freshness, components that come together in a delicate yet very persistent finish.


Light straw yellow


Fresh, delicate and well structured, very persistent


Apple, pear, toasted almond, vanilla