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Pinot Grigio Dry Josef Milz 2022

Pinot Grigio Dry Josef Milz 2022

Josef Milz

Josef Milz's Grauburgunder Dry is a Pinot Gris produced on the steep slopes of the central Mosel. Refreshing and aromatic, this white wine vinified entirely in stainless steel is characterised by intense fruit notes such as pear, golden apple and peach, fruity hints including jasmine and buttery, citrusy hints of custard. It pairs well with all types of white meat 




Pinot Gris 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks


Several months in stainless steel tanks

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Grauburgunder Dry by Weingut Josef Milz is a German Pinot Grigio that gladdens the palate with its full-bodied and balanced flavour. Although the undisputed varietal ruler of the Mosel is the Rhine Riesling, which reaches its highest quality expression here, occupying more than 90 per cent of the entire regional vineyard area, other varieties are successfully cultivated in the region, including Muller-Thurgau, Pinot Noir and, indeed, Pinot Grigio, called Grauburgunder in German. Compared to its counterpart from the not so distant Alsace, Pinot Grigio from the Mosel is characterised by a higher acidity and more slender structure, as well as a different mineral timbre, similar to that of Riesling.

Josef Milz Grauburgunder Dry is made exclusively from Pinot Grigio grapes cultivated on slate soils characterised by very high slopes. After harvesting, the grapes are vinified white through spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks without skin contact. This is followed by an ageing period of a few months, again in stainless steel, until the final bottling, which precedes a further short resting period in the bottle.

Josef Milz's Dry Grauburgunder has a pale straw-yellow hue. On the nose one perceives pleasant fruity and floral sensations of peach, golden apple, pear and jasmine, associated with sweet notes of custard and delicate herbaceous nuances. The taste is dry but soft, balanced but full, with a medium structure and a very refreshing finish. This is a tasty Pinot Grigio already in its youth, also capable of sustaining a few more years of bottle ageing if properly stored. Recommended pairings include warm or cold seafood starters, fresh cheeses and first courses with shellfish or molluscs.


Pale straw yellow


Dry, medium-structured, full-bodied and very refreshing


Peach, golden apple, pear, jasmine and custard