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Riesling Kabinett Ortswein Deidesheimer Maushohle Weingut Reinhardt 2022

Riesling Kabinett Ortswein Deidesheimer Maushohle Weingut Reinhardt 2022

Weingut Reinhardt

Weingut Reinhardt's Riesling Kabinett Ortswein Deidesheimer Maushohle is a white wine produced in the shadow of the Palatinate Forest, on red sandstone and limestone marl soils. This Riesling, although low in alcohol, has the gift of developing into a wine with a strong character and very lively freshness, despite the long maturation on the vine before vinification. On the nose, it reveals fine citrus and green apple nuances combined with a pungent spiciness, making it suitable for accompanying stewed fish




Riesling 100%


Alcohol content

9 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation of the grapes after a long period of maturation on the vine, use of indigenous yeasts


Several months in stainless steel

Filosofia produttiva

Organic, Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


The Riesling Kabinett Deidesheimer Ortswein Maushohle from the organic wine cellar Weingut Reinhardt is a Riesling that impresses with its harmony between delicate sweetness and marked acidity. The appellation 'Kabinett' identifies those German wines made from grapes of particular merit, harvested at the full stage of ripeness and vinified without any added sugar, as required by the Pradikӓt specifications. Regarding the origin of the term, the first written testimony dates back to 1712 and comes from the Abbey of Eberbach, where the Cistercian monks used to store the best wines produced in a special cellar built in 1245 and known as the Cabinet-Keller.

The Deidesheimer Riesling Kabinett Weingut Reinhardt Ortswein Maushohle is made exclusively from Rhine Riesling grapes cultivated in accordance with certified organic farming principles in vineyards close to the Palatinate Forest, characterised by red sandstone and limestone marl soils. The grapes are harvested by hand when fully ripe and are then transferred to the cellar for gentle pressing, followed by alcoholic fermentation of the must using only indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks. After several months of ageing, also in stainless steel, the wine is then bottled with a screw cap.

The Kabinett Ortswein Riesling Deidesheimer Maushohle from Weingut Reinhardt has a straw-yellow colour with golden highlights. The olfactory panorama is described by primary perceptions of green apple and lemon peel that merge with articulate hints of white pepper, cardamom and flint. Exceptional balance and harmony on the palate between the light sweetness and lively freshness, qualities that result in a winning combination and a memorable development with a strong character.


Straw yellow with golden hues


Fresh, sweet, lively and with a strong character


Green apple, lemon, white pepper, cardamom and flint