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Rum Mantuano Diplomatico

Rum Mantuano Diplomatico

DUSA - Diplomatico

Rum Mantuano Diplomatico is a versatile distillate from Venezuela: ideal for mixing, its virtues help to enrich the fragrance of cocktails, and excellent for those who prefer to drink it straight. It is made from a blend of rums and aged in oak barrels for up to 8 years, which guarantees an aromatic richness that releases spicy and vanilla notes without neglecting an important roasting. The taste is full and long, with spicy sensations also emerging on the palate




Malbec 100%


Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


Maceration and alcoholic fermentation for 30 days. Malolactic fermentation


8 years in oak american barrels


Diplomatico's Mantuano Rum, produced in Venezuela by the renowned Distilerias Unidas, is part of the Tradition line. This collection of labels is characterized by a classic, smooth, rich, and slightly spicy style. Crafted through the extensive expertise of the Master Blenders, it is a harmonious blend of various batches of medium-aged rum, carefully selected to achieve a final result characterized by perfect taste balance. It is the ideal choice for those who prefer a smooth sip, capable of expressing a pleasant fragrance and aromatic immediacy.

Mantuano Diplomatico Rum originates near the Venezuelan city of La Miel, not far from the first slopes of the Andes mountain range. This area has a long history of producing exceptional rum, owing to the vast areas where the finest sugar cane varieties are cultivated. The distillates of the DUSA brand are based on sugar cane juice and molasses rich in aromas, processed according to the oldest local traditions. After the preparatory fermentation phase, the rum undergoes distillation in column stills. It is then aged in wooden barrels for at least eight years. At the end of the ageing process, the finest barrels are blended, and the bottling process begins.

Diplomatico Mantuano is a rather straightforward and fragrant rum. It presents itself with an amber hue and bright hints of antique gold. On the nose, it releases delicate and soft spicy aromas, hints of vanilla, dried fruit, candied fruit, dried plums, light caramel notes, and memories of noble woods. The entry on the palate is warm and enveloping, with a good aromatic profile and a broad, long sip that leads to a very persistent finish, returning to spicy sensations. It is a rum particularly suited for use in mixology to create elegant Caribbean cocktails or refreshing long drinks based on fresh tropical fruit juices.


Amber with golden, radiant highlights


Distinct aromaticity and a long, rich palate, leading to a long-lasting finish reminiscent of spicy sensations


Spicy and vanilla aromas, roasted nuts, candied fruit with light hints of caramel and oak