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Rum Gran Reserva Solera Especial Zacapa XO (Packaging)

Rum Gran Reserva Solera Especial Zacapa XO (Packaging)


Il Rum Zacapa XO nasce dalla miscelazione di pregiati rum di succo fresco di canna da zucchero invecchiati con sistema solera e poi sottoposti a una seconda maturazione in botti di Cognac. Si tratta di un rum latino morbido, ricco e profondo: capolavoro di complessità ed equilibrio




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


6-25 years with Solera method in ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry and ex-Pedro Ximenez barrels; with final passage in Cognac barrels


The Zacapa “Solera Gran Reserva Especial” XO is a famous Guatemalan rum, limited production, the result of a special blend of rums aged anejos masterfully. It owes its name to the area of Zacapa, Guatemala common (capital of the department), founded at the time of Spanish colonization. The company is located on the banks of the River Motagua, on the fertile volcanic soil typical of Guatemala. The southern coast of the country is the most suitable for the cultivation of sugar cane, enriched by the tropical sun that shines all year round. For the production of rum Zacapa uses the pure juice of sugar cane, called "Miel Virgen" (virgin honey) from Guatemalans. For the fermentation process, which lasts over 5 days, using a yeast obtained from a strain of properties, extract dall'ananas; This ensures a unique taste and aroma and constant over time. Zacapa XO rum is aged by the solera system, in oak casks that have previously hosted robust Bourbon, delicate sherry and Pedro Ximenez wines. The last phase of aging takes place in barrels of French cognac that give the product personality and aromatic finesse. Zacapa XO is made from a combination of the finest rums aged up to 25 years, for a perfect balance between complexity and taste. It is well-structured, deep, a real masterpiece of balance and harmony. Intense and smooth, with a wide range of wood notes, ripe fruit, spices, cocoa and hints of almond and vanilla. Final noble, full of emotions that are advertised slowly.


Deep amber


Rich, full bodied, deep, balanced and with an infinite persistence


Wood notes, ripe fruit, spices, cocoa and vanilla