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'Sampagnino' White Wine Bulli

'Sampagnino' White Wine Bulli


The "Sampagnino" Bianco is a sparkling wine obtained from the refermentation in the bottle according to ancestral methods. On the nose it recalls notes of citrus fruits, tropical fruit and hints of yeast, in the sip it wins for its cheerful and carefree texture, characterized by a lively and marked freshness. A wine with an excellent quality/price ratio, perfect for the everyday table




White grapes

Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Refermentation in the bottle according to the ancestral method with indigenous yeasts. No filtration and no addition of sulfites

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The "Sampagnino" Bianco of the Bulli winery in Piacenza, a small winery in Emilia that aims to represent the ancient tradition of the area through its wines. The Colli Piacentini have always been famous for their lively, carefree, pleasant and easy-drinking wines. The name on the label playfully recalls the noble lands of Champagne, with that thirst-quenching, fun taste of those who recognise the French model as unique and unattainable. This is a semi-sparkling wine made from white grapes that is bottle-fermented sur lie. Its intense aromas and its dry, citrusy and savoury sip make it a perfect sparkling wine to enjoy as an aperitif or at any convivial moment among friends.

The Bulli winery cultivates an estate of some ten hectares, in a land traditionally associated with lively, semi-sparkling wines, made according to the ancient custom of re-fermentation in the bottle, which in recent years has been rediscovered by many enthusiasts. The Bulli family has been producing wine since the beginning of the 20th century and has always remained faithful to the local grape varieties and the oldest traditions. Even today, the wines have retained the artisanal face of yesteryear and a straightforward, direct and genuine taste. Between the rows of vines, the use of chemical products has been banned and even in the cellar, they try to intervene as little as possible with oenological practices, always keeping sulphur dioxide at very low levels.

Bulli's White "Sampagnino" is a semi-sparkling wine made using the ancestral method, i.e. re-fermentation in the bottle without disgorging, so that the yeasts remain at the bottom of the bottle. The grapes come from south-facing vineyards, cultivated on soils characterised by the presence of red sand and clay. Only indigenous yeasts are used in the vinification process and the wine is bottled without any filtration and without added sulphites, naturally protected by the yeasts. In the glass it is light straw yellow in colour, with a lively mousse. The nose releases intense aromas with fresh notes of citrus fruits, white-fleshed fruit, tropical fruit, delicate floral nuances and hints of yeast. The palate is direct, taut and savoury, with fragrant fruit and a dry, fresh finish.


Straw yellow with lively foam


Lively, frank, fresh and carefree, easy to drink


Aromas of citrus fruits, yeast, tropical fruit and flower essences