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Rosé sparkling Extra Dry 'Fashion Victim' Astoria

Rosé sparkling Extra Dry 'Fashion Victim' Astoria


Rosé Sparkling Wine “Fashion Victim” is pleasant, lively and captivating, with a light sugar residue. It smells like fresh flowers and small red fruits and the taste is lively, slightly sweet, fresh, fruity

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White and red grapes

Alcohol content

11 %


75 cl Bottle


Soft pressing, short maceration for the red grapes, cold settling, first fermentation in steel tanks and second fermentation according to the Charmat or Martinotti Method

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Astoria's Extra Dry Rosé Spumante 'Fashion Victim' is a bubbly from Veneto that is rich in bouquet, elegant in its unfolding with linearity and sharpness on the nose. In the mouth, it is striking for the juiciness of the drink, built on good freshness and a fruity taste that consistently recalls some of the scents perceived during olfactory analysis. A brighteous and cheerful label, as can also be seen in the aesthetic profile of the bottle, winking thanks to a particular design, perfect for making evenings lively when there is something to celebrate.

Astoria's 'Fashion Victim' Spumante Rosé Extra Dry is the result of a successful blend of different grapes, both white and red. After destemming the grapes, the berries obtained are softly pressed, and a short maceration of the red grapes is carried out to obtain the final rosé colour. After static decantation of the must, alcoholic fermentation takes place in steel containers where the temperature is kept under control. The re-fermentation, together with the prise de mousse, takes place in autoclaves, following the production principles of the Martinotti method.  

The Spumante Rosé Extra Dry "Fashion Victim" Astoria presents itself in the glass with a very luminous light pink colour and a fine-grained perlage with good persistence. The olfactory profile is captivating and plays on the alternation of mainly fruity and floral notes. It enters the mouth with a dynamic and streamlined mouthfeel, agile in enveloping the palate with a delicate mousse, from which emerges a fresh and fruity flavour, characterised by a slight sugary hint. A label whose finesse and smoothness are ideal as a backdrop to a pleasant aperitif!


Light bright rosé


Lively, pleasant, fresh and fruity, slightly sweet


Fruity and captivating, of small red fruits and fresh flowers