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'U Veciu' Possa 2022
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'U Veciu' Possa 2022


U Veciu" is a white wine macerated on the skins for 80 days in larch wood barrels on the skins and produced by Heydi Bonanini, producer of the Possa winery in the Cinque Terre. A wine of great character and pungency, with strong marine notes and a pleasant warmth tempered by a slight tannic grip, a pleasant freshness and a bouquet of aromatic herbs, sea waves and citrus notes.




White grapes


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts and maceration on the skins for 80 days in larch wood vats

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum, Orange Wine, Macerated on grape peel, Natural, Triple A

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Through 'U Veciu', the Possa winery expresses all the strength of the Ligurian landscape: a macerated white wine with a gritty character and enveloping sensations, capable of recalling to the senses the warmth of the rocks and the salt of the waves. A rare varietal that ties in perfectly with the terroir of the Cinque Terre and succeeds in giving life to a wine with a profoundly Mediterranean soul. Production is purely confidential, settling around 900 bottles per year.
"The Possa winery's 'U Veciu' is a very personal interpretation of the white grape variety native to the Cinque Terre, which Heydi Samuele Bonanini raises in a micro plot of only 3,000 square metres, spread over the territory of Riomaggiore. The young vines, about ten years old on average, are rooted on sandstone rubble, overlooking the sea: the vertiginous slopes make it easier to harvest the grapes from the boat, rather than walking into the field. The rows show a remarkable planting density, counting up to 6,000 vines per hectare, while the agronomic management pursues a philosophy devoted to complete naturalness, with no use of synthetic chemical products and extremely low yields. The clusters are pressed and spontaneous fermentation is conducted using only indigenous yeasts: inside the larch wood barrel, maceration on the skins lasts up to 80 days. The winemaking container comes from the work of a Hungarian cooper, who has skilfully used a particularly neutral wood, constructed with a significant thickness in order to limit the effect of micro-oxygenation. The value of total sulphites is around 13 milligrams per litre.
The guise of 'U Veciu' from the Possa winery expresses the warm tones of orangey yellow, veined with golden reflections. The bouquet is all enraptured by the nature of the Mediterranean: wild herbs of the maquis combine with pungent citrus scents, while the balsamic and resinous scent of maritime pines fades into the most intense iodine and brackish sensations. The sip is warm and deeply mineral, supported by lively freshness and a tannic grip that embraces a persistent saline trail.


Orange with golden shadows


Warm, Mediterranean, savory and tannic grip


Wild herbs from the Mediterranean maquis, menthol, resin, citrus and salt