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Vermouth 'Levante' Controcorrente

Vermouth 'Levante' Controcorrente


Vermouth "Levante" is a fortified wine with an oriental profile that is made with Marco Sara's Verduzzo wine infused with botanicals of gentian, elderberry and green tea. The taste is bitter and pleasantly tannic, with an intense aroma and persistence, which lends itself to refined culinary combinations such as raw fish or savory pies

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Ribolla Gialla 100%


Alcohol content

16 %


75 cl Bottle


Late grapes cold macerated for 6 hours, then alcoholic fermentation at a low temperature of 15 days


6 months in steel tanks

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Controcorrente's Vermouth 'Levante' is a spiced wine that recalls the atmospheres of the lands of the Orient, the scents and aromas of aromatic herbs and precious spices brought to Europe along the ancient Eastern routes. The label interprets the classic Piedmont version of white Vermouth with great finesse and a touch of originality. The refined delicacy of this particular type is enriched by an intense aromatic depth, accompanied by austere tannic and bitter notes that make the finish particularly pleasant; an unusual and fascinating bottle with a unique and inimitable personality.

Levante' is a Vermouth by Controcorrente that was born out of a passion for genuine, healthy wines capable of giving immediate drinking pleasure. It is precisely the characteristics of freshness and flavour that are the starting point of this creation. The production process follows the artisan rules of the oldest traditional processes. The base is a white wine from Marco Sara's Veneto cellar, a pure Verduzzo that expresses all the intense aromaticity of this indigenous Colli Orientali vine. The long and patient maceration of the botanicals and spices, particularly gentian, elderflower and green tea, gives the spiced wine a typically oriental touch. At the end of the phase of extracting the aromas from the herbs, the infusion is simply filtered and enriched with alcohol and sugar to mitigate the slightly bitter tones of some of the botanicals.

Controcorrente's Vermouth 'Levante' results from an innovative and creative recipe. It has a rather intense golden-yellow colour with luminous reflections. On the nose, it expresses delicate aromas of aromatic herbs, floral nuances, aromas of white-fleshed fruit, hints of oriental spices, and officinal and balsamic herbs. Soft and rich, it offers an intense and long sip, aromatically very persistent and pleasantly vinous. It is a spicy wine with remarkable character, particularly suitable to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but it can also be used to prepare elegant and refined cocktails.


Intense gold


Tannic, persistent, aromatic and with excellent persistence


Aromatic and persistent notes of sweet and oriental spices, green tea and light menthol nuances