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Vermut Seri Pervas

Vermut Seri Pervas

Seri Pervas

Seri Pervas Vermouth is a soft and balanced spiced wine, born from the infusion of wormwood, rhubarb and Karst herbs in a blend of Malvasia and Teran. A warm and enveloping vermouth, with an intriguing aromatic profile, where bitterness and sweetness are in perfect harmony




Alcohol content

18 %


75 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites



Seri Pervas Distillery's Vermouth takes the form of a flavoured wine in perfect balance between the sweet and bitter components produced in Trieste by combining the Turin tradition of Vermouth and the identity of the Trieste area. Brothers Tommaso and Marco founded Seri Pervas in 2020, intending to pay tribute to the long mercantile history of the city of Trieste, an important free port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire between the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The logo and name of the distillery represent the big-wheeled steamship of the same name, built in Trieste in 1839, which for a long time sailed along the Danube and into the sea, uniting different worlds through trade. In addition, the shape of the bottle recalls the same one prevalent in pharmacies of the time, where numerous medicinal elixirs could be found.

Seri Pervas Vermouth originates from a wine base of the indigenous Malvasia Istriana grape variety, to which is added a drop of wine from Terrano, another variety typical of the Trieste area. To the wine base thus obtained is added a mix of wormwood, rhubarb and Karst herbs, placed in infusion with the addition of pure alcohol and sugar according to the recipe for Vermouth.

Seri Pervas Distillery's Vermouth possesses a brown hue with ruby hues. The nose begins on vinous perceptions given by Malvasia Istriana and Teran, soon joined by spicy notes and suggestions of herbs, flowers and roots such as savoury, wormwood, dandelion, elderflower and rhubarb. The palate shows an excellent balance between the sweet and bitter components defining a warm and very engaging progression. This Trieste Vermouth condenses the evocative scents of the Karst, an impervious and fascinating territory rich in wild herbs.


Brown with ruby highlights


Sweet, bitter, warm, balanced


Notes of rhubarb and dandelion