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Vesper 'Ready to Drink' DelMago - 50cl

Vesper 'Ready to Drink' DelMago - 50cl


The Vesper DelMago signed by chef Marcello Trentini is a pre-mixed cocktail ready to be served. It is made from an assembly of Gin, Vermouth, Vodka and lemon essential oils, revealing a fresh and citrusy aromatic profile, with notes of spices, vegetal hints and lemon peel. Great to serve with oysters!



Alcohol content

25 %


50 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

DelMago Gin, DelMago Vermouth Chinato (wine, sugar, alcohol, herbal and spice infusions, natural flavourings), Vodka and lemon essential oil


The Vesper made by DelMago is one of the most interesting and original proposals in the Ready To Drink Cocktail range. It is the fruit of a long research process by chef Marcello Trentini, who decided to give space to his passion for the world of spirits, liqueurs and mixology. He has interpreted some of the most famous recipes in an artisanal way, with a selection of high-quality botanicals. These are perfect cocktails, pre-mixed, ready to pour and taste without wasting time. No problems, no worries about an ingredient being missing at the last minute: just the pleasure of enjoying a fresh, citrusy and delicately spiced cocktail.

"Ready to Drink" Vesper is a label highlighting the original and refined style of DelMago creations. Culture and knowledge of mixology classics are combined with an artisanal search for the best botanicals and manufacturing processes still based on long natural infusions, with slow extractions of the aromatic components. The cocktail is inspired by Vesper Lynd, a female character from Ian Fleming's novel Casino Royale. Her elegance perfectly represents the sensual charm portrayed on the silver screen in the 007 films by two beautiful actresses: Ursula Andress and Eva Green. The recipe is made with three parts DelMago Gin, one part Vodka, half a dose of DelMago Vermouth Chinato and the addition of a touch of lemon essential oil.

Vesper 'Ready to Drink' DelMago is the cocktail linked to the collective imagination and the world of espionage, of the most famous secret agent in literature and cinema. To the eye, it is a luminous golden-yellow colour with slight greenish hues. The olfactory profile is of extraordinary finesse and elegance with citrusy scents of lemon peel, vegetal hints of lovage leaves, officinal herbs, wild plants of the Mediterranean maquis and delicate spicy nuances. Fragrant and essential, it has a soft, intense, harmonious, and rich entry on the palate. Balsamic sensations and a clear citrus freshness characterise the finish.


Golden with sparkling straw-yellow reflections


Fresh, citrusy, of good intensity and length


Intense aromas of lemon peel, spices and essential oils