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Vodka Beluga

Vodka Beluga

Mariinsk Distillery - Beluga

Vodka Beluga is a famous vodka produced from barley malt and spring water. It reaches a maximum degree of elegance and aromatic cleanliness thanks to silica and silver filtrations, so much so that it has become a status symbol in Russia, where it is drunk cold alongside caviar

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


A vodka of absolute value and undisputed organoleptic quality. Beluga vodka is produced at the Siberian-origin distillery in Marininsk. Today the production reality has moved to Montenegro. The secret of Beluga's smoothness is the very long fermentation with natural yeasts. But not only that, the high-gravity distillate is combined with very pure water. Milk thistle extract, rice, honey, vanilla sugar syrup are added in small amounts. It is then rested in tanks for 90 days before being filtered and bottled again (which is not usual for vodkas). When fully matured, it appears absolutely pure and unflavored in the mouth. Beluga's nose is smooth and mellow and, despite its 40 proof alcohol content, reveals subtle notes of vanilla and citrus hiding the alcoholic vapors. The taste is pleasant with a smooth, round, enveloping palate. The opening is of light powdered sugar, honey and vanilla. At a later stage a hint of citrus appears, mixed with unroasted wheat. Toward the finish we get the spicy suggestion, with a barely savory finish on the tongue that is the signature of a very fine Russian-style vodka. The contrast between the lush soft opening and the strong spice on the finish is superb. Warm and persistent.


Crystalline, limpid


Soft, enveloping, round, persistent


Hint of citrus, corn and toast, with a spicy finish