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Vodka Elit Stolichnaya

Vodka Elit Stolichnaya


Stolichnaya Vodka Elit is a Russian extremely smooth vodka from wheat. Its smoothness is due to the traditional practice of cooling the distillate outdoors up to -18 ° C before filtration. It is dense, viscous, limpid and clean, with a great elegance

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


The Stolichnaya Elit Vodka (which in Russian means "capital") is a Russian vodka made from wheat produced in the oldest distillery in Russia, using what the company calls the "Glacial Waters". High quality, distillation takes place through a patented technology of freezing. A vodka from the extraordinary purity, created for those who appreciate the elegance together with simplicity. Born as an evolution of the well-known brand Stolichnaya, is filtered with quartz, then with charcoal, and purified again with quartz. Stolichnaya was originally created in 1953 in Moscow Distillery Cristall since 2001 and was the subject of dispute between the company "Soiuzplodimport" (SPI) and the Russian government, as long as the brand was nationalized. It is made following the traditional Russian method, using production techniques that date back to the fifteenth century. Winner of two gold medals at the international show spirits of San Francisco in 2008, striking finesse and pleasant to drink. Transparent color has a clean aroma, is made with only natural ingredients and has a scent with an almost mysterious aroma to discover carefully, rich and grainy. The palate leads to a warm and silky persistence and the taste is soft and fluffy. The palate warn citrus and caramel to a final gentle warming.


Transparent and brillant


Rich, grainy, warm, beautiful persistence


Citrus notes with a final of sweet caramel