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Vodka Premium 'Class' Icona Spirits

Vodka Premium 'Class' Icona Spirits

Icona Spirits

Icona Spirits' Premium "Class" Vodka from the Brescian distillery Icona Spirits is perfect for mixology, in particular for making excellent MoscowMule or Cosmopolitan. It is made with grain alcohol from a double distillation process of discontiua and spring water. The crystal clear colour introduces strong aromas while the palate enjoys a soft and long sip




Alcohol content

42 %


70 cl Bottle



Premium Vodka 'Class' from young Brescian startup Icona Spirits is a soft and fine distillate produced according to a sustainable and ecological vision. In fact, Icona Spirits' spirits and other products exclude using GMOs and adopt alcohol sourced primarily from certified organic crops. What's more, the processing and shipping carried out by this Lombard reality are environmentally sustainable and plastic-free, aimed at completely recycling the materials used. In addition to the ecological aspect, Icona Spirits' goal is to enhance local alcoholic excellence by collaborating with the best Italian distillers and producers.

Icona Spirits Premium 'Class' Vodka is processed through the double discontinuous distillation of fermented rye, added with the purest spring water. The distillation is operated by Genziana Distillati, in Pieve del Grappa, based on an exclusive recipe from Icona Spirits. To guarantee the quality of the process, together with its partners and suppliers, Icona Spirits subscribes to the "Manifesto," a document attesting to the uniqueness of its production.

Icona Spirits' Premium 'Class' Vodka has a crystal-clear appearance. The nose reveals an intense and rich olfactory range composed of irresistible sweet and fragrant sensations. In the mouth, it confirms the generous complexity, with an enveloping softness that caresses the palate in a round and clean taste development. A very pure Vodka designed to give an edge to numerous cocktails, such as the refreshing Moscow Mule, along with ginger, lime and ginger beer, or the classic Cosmopolitan, with Cointreau, cranberry and lime. Also, try it with just the Ginger Ale to create a thirst-quenching aperitif.


Crystal clear, limpid


Soft, enveloping, round and long


Intense, sweet, fragrant and rich